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An Analysis of “The Forces That Turned Baba Around” Essay

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In the article we hear about a 16-year- old boy with the name Battened Liked. A Brief look at Saba: He sees himself as a “Bad boy’, when he was 12 he had been suspended from school 5 times. He says “Being suspended Just felt like a holiday’ and this is not the only thing. He says that he always Is In trouble, but then he says “It does not bother me”. The problem Is, that he gives a picture of that there is nothing that means anything to him. According to Baby Is his family the mall problem. He does not say It directly, but he mentions It In context which gives us the Impression that the family Is the problem. My dad left when I was very young, so mum was on her own with my two younger brothers and younger sister to look after, so she didn’t have time to worry about me. ” This sentence says a lot. His dad leaved him/his family, so Baby has not had a role model in his life to look up to. On the same time he has 3 younger siblings which mean that his mother was all alone to provide the children. And because he was the oldest one, the siblings got more attention than he got. All these things made him act badly, robbery because he wanted attention somehow.

This remains me of a documentary I saw on canal 4 with children which parents Is divorced. In an interview with these kids we got an Impression of that they were a victim for their parent’s divorce. When they were young they was very close, when they went older they became more aggressive. A girl said “l don’t care about anything. Why should l? It Just makes you crazy to think about every little detail. I only live once, and I don’t want to waste my time in school”. This attitude remains me of Baby. The Skill Force mad a program for children like Baby.

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It is a program which will teach this children/teenager to be more confident. Sarah Ferguson is a Skill Force instructor. She means that bad behavior is covering up the insecurity and that school does not have anything to offer these children. “Bad behavior Is often a way of covering up Insecurities. Many of them lack confidence or feel that school has nothing to offer them. ” And she Is probably right. When a child Is close and struggle with a problem Inside him, what can school then do for him? There are not many children who can handle personal problems Ana problems In cocoons at teen same tale. Re aggressive and that is a indirect scream for help. I nee well Just Decode The program the Skill Force made contains activities which are fun but also challenging. Here they learn to go through the challenge to the end. And Sarah Ferguson says to this: ” “The lesson is that you don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t work hard and stick at things. ” They do not only learn to see positive on the school but they also learns discipline. They also learn the principle: “One in, all in. ” So if one fails the other fails too, they have to help each other which mean that there is no sore.

This will help them out of the insecurity and after that they do not have to live with this bad behavior, but they can actually try to change their behavior. The “On in, all in” principle, do we see a lot in military. The soldiers are willing to die for their group which shows us how important it is to be there for each other and help each other. The text is based on 2 interviews. The one with Battened Aligned, and the other one with Sarah Ferguson. The text is filled with facts and to confirm the facts the writer have these two interviewers. Example:

Unsurprisingly, neither the other boy nor his teachers saw the funny side. By the time he was 12, Baby had been suspended from school five times. “l was always in trouble,” he says. “But it didn’t bother me. Being suspended Just felt like a holiday. ” The language and the details with numbers and years confirm that this is a news article. And the interviews make the news article more realistic and reliable. It gives the reader an impression that it is a positive thing and that we can consider this possibility if there come a time when our children maybe could need this kind of caching.

This article is especially for teachers who know that a child have problems in school. The teacher could tell the parents about their child’s behavior and tell them which alternative there is for the child. This article is also for other teenager who has the same problem as Baby, but in their case they know that they have to change their lifestyle if they want to have a great future. I think that the goal is to make everyone understand that these children are not bad people. And for the children who have it like Baby, they have a chance to change it like Baby if they want o. The Skill Force is only trying to help the children.

And like Sara Ferguson said: ” They come in as sullen teenagers and leave as confident young people. ” Who does not want to be confident? Who does not want to start over again and experience something new in a new environment where you can experience something fun beside something challenging? Personally I think that this whole idea with the program is great. People are different from each other. Some people think it is easy to take an education while other thinks it is unnecessary. But children/ manager does not know the reality yet, because they still lives with their parents.

They do not know the worth of an education; they do not know how much it will help them to come through the life with an education in their baggage. If the teacher tanks Tanat It Is good Tort a canal a to try something else Tort teen nest, teen teachers should tell the parents about Skill Force. The Skill Force is a way to make these people understand the worth of an education. They teach them discipline like “One in, all in” so they cannot humiliate one another but they have to help each other. [ 1 The forces that turned Baby around. S. 1.

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