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Essay Examples on American History X Paper

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1st Essay Sample on American History X

No one can honestly argue that the world currently exists without racial tensions.While some people still struggle to overcome ongoing racism and stereotypes, many have stepped over racial boundaries and resolved the struggles between them.However, Benjamin DeMott argues in his article “Put on a Happy Face: Masking the Differences Between Blacks and Whites” that Hollywood consistently hides true racial relationships by putting blacks and whites together with “happy faces,” thus encouraging society to ignore the reality of racial tensions.This may be true of most Hollywood productions, but in the movie American History X, Hollywood attempts to step away from this cliched portrayal to present the more realistic and harsh relationships that exist between races. Throughout his article, DeMott criticizes the media for “suggesting that the beast of American racism is tamed and harmless” (295).He argues that Hollywood “churns out images of racial harmony,” creating a fantasy world which denies the actuality of racial tensions (297).When society conceals racial problems, the situation continues to escalate and remains unsolved.DeMott claims that “the good news in the movies obscures the bad news in the street” (297).A large portion of society bases their knowledge on what they view in the media; therefore, if Hollywood depicts a world in which racism is no longer an issue, the struggles of minorities will be forgotten by many.In his article, DeMott refers to the government overlooking minorities, claiming that even “the [Supreme] Court postulates the existence of a society no longer troubled by racism” (297).He argues that only when the suffering of all races are accounted for should they be portrayed by Hollywood as equal.

2nd Essay Sample on American History X

2. What problems did the United States confront in maintaining morale at home during the war? With a war as costly as WWII, the United States citizens were forced to ration their commodities in great amounts as well as work extra hard either for their family or the government. This extra work with less benefit caused people to wish they were living a normal life again, thus wishing the war was never happening. 3. What were two major tasks that the United States faced in converting the economy to producing products for war? In order to prepare their country for war, the United States was forced to convert major consumer goods factories into factories producing war goods.

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For example, lipstick factories were converted into ammunition factories, and car factories now made tanks. The United States also initiated the sales of War Bonds in order to raise funds for this costly war. 4. What problem was the process of rationing designed to solve? Rationing was intended to stop the hunger of the troops overseas. The food that was not sold to the stores as a result of the rationing was sent off to feed the troops fighting for their country.

5. Describe two ways in which World War II affected labor in the United States. Do any of these conditions exist here today? It was in WWII that the women truly came into society and took the jobs that were normally taken by men. This happened because all the men were out at war. When the men came back from war, not only did they realize that women were in fact capable of handling the workload, but they were also very good at what the men thought they could not do.

It also allowed Black men to do the same. For thefirst time, African American people were able to get virtually any job they wanted. This change occurred suddenly, but it did not change over the years.

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