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Essay on “American Gods”

Why do ideas come precisely in those heads, which come in? For example, Gaiman thought that for whatever reason did not leave the people their native land, and wherever he went, he brings with him a culture: colorful wide skirts, strange musical instruments, national dishes, tools, language, songs, signs, religion. And Gaiman was struck by the idea that people carry with them their gods.

Imagine settling of America: Thousands of people from different corners of the world, different languages, different cultures – all is full and can not get along with each other. And then there’s the gods, accustomed to worshiping nations, but now separated from their temples and transported across the ocean by a handful of people – because they, too, need someone to make sacrifices – enormous chaos. As time passed, diversity poisterlas culture accustomed to each other and are mixed, they are now – a single proud people

Wait, where are gone the gods

“The gods among us,” thought Gaiman wrote the book.


It might be a beautiful book about the American identity, where everyone has forgotten its roots and clog the void dearly cherished idea of ​​the greatness of the American nation. It might be amusing fiction with yumorkom how to live offended oblivion idols today, giving you a coffee and making out credit cards. If one day it is tired, it would make a mystery novel.

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American Gods Essay

It does not matter. The idea has chosen Neil Gaiman. “American Gods” – Road-story with elements of thrash. It still is a place for self-identification of American and Egyptian Thoth, embalming corpses in a small funeral desk – laugh at their leisure, once you have thrown a little idea. And Gaiman much more captivate adventure dead wife of the hero and the homosexual life Arabic jinn.

I’m grouchy boring, I know, but I’m terribly sorry for the idea.

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