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American beauty Paper

Lester Burn is 42. Working in a corporation, he is Just a cog in the wheel, having completely lost the Joy of life. He doesn’t get on well neither with his wife Caroline, nor with his daughter Jenny. The former- an energetic business woman, but really a woman on the verge ofa nervous breakdown- has an affair with her boss. The daughter despises of her father. Both of them consider Lester a looser. Meeting Angela, Jenny’s best friend, changes the life of a frustrated 40-year-old.

The man falls n love with the sexy teenager and it is like a breath of fresh air for him. He suddenly sees the lies and sick system he had been entangled in. Lester decides to leave it all behind: he quits his Job and starts to take care of only himself, which comes down to practicing weightlifting, looking back at the time of his youth in the decay of flower power and smoking pot bought from Ricky, the boy next door. And, of course, dreaming about Angela. It is another time of the day when the social life prospers.

The Milanaise have supper t home, with their families, or at a restaurant in the neighborhood. In the evenings they party in a typically Italian spirit. Bars and clubs are overcrowded. Milan is the city of international fairs. Almost every week the theme changes: starting with fashion, through computer electronics to end with gastronomy. Some fairs are open to public, for example alimentary fairs. Having bought a ticket for about 7 euro, one can wander from stand to stand all day long and try culinary specialties from all around the world to one heart’s content.

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