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America and the Progressive Era Essay

The Progressive Era in the United States witnessed changes to social, political, and economic issues of the late 19th Century. With the 2016 Presidential Election just weeks away, the major issues I will like to see make progressive changes going forward is on immigration, gun laws, and the economy. I feel the whole United States will be greatly impacted if going forward changes are made with these three major issues. America is already an amazing place to be, but the quality of life can still seriously be improved. A change must be made before it’s too late.

To start off, immigration has always been in issue not only in the United States. This issue cannot be ignored anymore as it is becoming a problem by just letting it sit on the back burner. The issue here is not the illegal immigrants, it’s that we don’t know the difference between who is coming to the United States to work and who might potentially be coming into the United States as a terrorist. In this coming election, I would like to see deportation become limited. Illegal immigrants who are good people who came to the United States to work shouldn’t be deported and separated from their families. The people who should be deported are the bad illegal immigrants that are violent and a danger to us. Our borders should be more secured, but to protect us against bad people not innocent people looking for a better life. Also, illegal immigrants should not be underpaid or having to work in hard conditions because of the threat of being deported. To conclude, I think background checks should be done to only let the good immigrants in and the current immigrants should be given a plan to be able to get a citizenship. Immigrants should be treated just as equal as everyone else and should not fear a country in which they came to, to be free.

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To continue, I would like to also see an improvement in gun laws. Many people are dying everyday because these guns are in the hands of the…

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