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Life As We Knew It ALTERNATE ENDING I told my mother that I was going to the post office hoping to have a letter from my father. My mom said “Miranda, I heard that things should get better soon and this will be all over with, please be quick and be safe, it will all be over soon. ” That gave me some hope. I left my skis in the house, knowing what I was going up against. I stepped outside into the blizzard, expecting the worst and not returning home.

When I finally got to the post office, I realized that it was closed.

Feeling hopeless, I was ready to give up and let the elements take me. But suddenly a flyer blew by me. I snatched the flyer and it said there is a food drive going on at the town hall. I managed to get there; I looked up, strained of all energy. The mayor explained how he was proud of me because I was getting food for my family and thinking of everyone else before myself.

Being so exhausted, I looked up at the sky; a patch of blue peeked out at me. I jump up in excitement, an energy rush running through my body.

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I jump up and down, knowing that things are only going to get better from here knowing that my little brother Johnny and the rest of the family have a chance to survive. The mayor asks what all the excitement was about; I said “look up; there is hope in the air! ” He looked up with the rest of the people at city hall in awe, looking hopeful.

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I had received a ride home to inform my family on the news. Once I told my mother, she cried tears of joy, knowing that everything should be over soon. Johnny screamed in joy, knowing that we all made it. Life will only get better now. This will soon be the life as we knew it.

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