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Alice Walker and The Color Purple Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: The Color Purple

The book “The Color Purple” is a story of how two sisters although living completely different lives in way different parts of the world kept a healthy relationship. This story was written by Alice Walker. One of the sisters is named Celie and the first half of the book or so is letters with what’s happening in her life where she is writing to God. The other half of the book her and her sister Nettie are writing letters to each other trying to keep a healthy relationship with each other. Although there lives busy they try to keep as healthy a relationship as possible.

The first half of the book or so where Celie is writing to God she basically is just ranting to him and saying what it really means to be a young black woman in her time. Which involved pointless marriage,being beaten, being treated unfairly, and in her case being as dumb as a bag of rocks. She wasn’t very educated, she had a lack of keeping information in once heard about it. Her sister Nettie on the other hand was really smart and a had a well founded education. There mom had passed away and they were living with what they thought was there papa for years. One day though a no name mister came to the house in search of a wife and although Celie wasn’t very smart nor pretty she had what it took to be a housewife and that’s exactly what Mr.___ was in search of. So Mr.___ took Celie as his wife and she left with him that day and went to live with him, this is when Nettie and her lost contact for awhile. This was only because Mr.___ was keeping Nettie’s letters from Celie, Nettie ended up being a missionary with her husband in Africa and constantly wrote to Celie. Celie’s husband Mr.___ would beat her if she did wrong and always told her what was right in his mind, He was more of a commander than a husband. He had children and they were a mess, it was now Nettie’s job to upkeep the children and get them ready for school in the morning. It was also her job to cook …

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Alice Walker and The Color Purple

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