Organizational Culture and One of Its Implementations

The following sample essay talks about organizational culture and one of its implementations in organizations such as the Kaki Group. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

We also thankful to our dear teacher Mafia Islam to teach us and help us all about advice that helped immensely in preparing this report. ; In this paper we want to focuses on about the organization culture and one of the implementation on a organization like: Kaki Group. ; Here we discussed about some of the different organizational culture, why we want to study about that and what type of culture followed by our reference Company Kaki Group.

; Here we also recommend some points about how their organization may improve. Presentation content SSL No Topic Presenter Introduction Objective Corporate Profile of Kaki Group 5 followed Kaki Group Jabs Advantage 6 Improvement Suggestions of the CO in Kaki Group 7 Conclusion Moisturizer Raman Khan Culture can help drive business results, but it takes a cultural audit to differentiate which elements of the culture can lead to superior performance.

High the Performance when CO is effective and can be accepted by the employees.

Low Performance when: the culture of the organization is not proper and transparent and it is not accepted by the employees High satisfaction when the employees are willing to adapt the organizational culture. Low satisfaction when the employee is unwilling to adapt the organizational culture. ; Kaki group is one of the biggest group of industries in Bangladesh. Has various type of company and various type of products all most all sectors of our country.

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  For analysis of the portfolio we decided to do a term paper on organizational culture of Kaki group to know the organization culture of a biggest groups.

Akij Group Term Paper

In this Term paper, we worked on the organizational Practices on Kaki Group. At first we discussed about their organizational overview, history, management and about organizational culture of Kaki group .  We took information from both primary and secondary sources. We also discussed in this paper about the whole organizational culture. 0 Finally we summed up the whole topic and specified them to different chapters and parts. The general objective of our report is to discussed the about the Organization culture and Its implementation on our reference company, the Kaki Group.

We have focused on different sectors of their business. Specific Objective To explore different terms of organization culture. To define the enacted environment of an organization. To know the organization culture of an organization.. To discuss the organization cultured should followed by 5. And what should do to improve the organizational culture of Kaki group. ; A system of shared meanings and common beliefs held by organizational members that determines, in a large degree, how they act towards each other. ; Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture is defined by all experiences, strengths, weaknesses, upbringing and so forth of the employees. Of the life education, ; While executive leaders play a large role in defining organizational culture by their actions and leadership, all employees contribute to the organizational culture. 8 9 Establishing & Maintaining Cultures Top Management Philosophy of Organization’ s Founders Organization’s Culture Selection Criteria Colonization 10 Corporate Profile of Kaki Group 0 the most organized distribution company in the country and one of the leading business conglomerates.

CLC was established by Mr.. Sheikh Kaki Duding in 1950.  Kaki birr factory Old is the first company of kaki group and which produce “Hand Made Cigarettes.  This sector gave a real boost o the revenue earning of the Group as well as making a substantial contribution to government exchequer 11 D Initially Kaki Corporation Limited was known as Main Enterprise. 0 In June 1 997 Main Enterprise was renamed as Mudding Enterprise Limited and  in 2001 Mudding Enterprise Limited was again renamed as Kaki Corporation Limited..

With the passage of time, the Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 20 units of industries under its umbrella like catering jobs for more than 32,000 people in various categories. 12 Kaki group is in operation The Group has plans for setting up more projects.  With the passage of time, the Group undertook new ventures and presently there are 20 units of industries under its umbrella like-? Kaki Corporation Limited Kaki Jute Mills Ltd Kaki Food & Beverage Ltd – products including carbonated drinks.

Dacha Tobacco Industries Kaki Bid Factory Ltd Kaki Izard Factory Ltd Kaki Match Factory Ltd Kaki Textile Mills Ltd Kaki Particle Board Mills Ltd Kaki printing & Packaging Ltd Kaki Cement Company Ltd Kaki Ceramics Company Ltd Kaki Pharmaceuticals Ltd Kaki Real Estate Ltd Ad-din Hospital(Philanthropic) S. A. F Industries Ltd Kaki Gas Company Ltd Kaki Computer Ltd Kaki Online Ltd Kaki Institute of Technology 13 ; Kaki Group is also involved in socio-cultural activities.

The Group has been operating a sizeable orphanage free of charge in district town. ; The Group has also acquired a modern mother & children hospital previously owned by Save the Children (ASK). The hospital is being operated as a Nan-profitable concern by Ad-Din Welfare Trust. 14 15 Organizational Culture followed by Kaki Group To observe the culture of Kaki group we stated that this group is highly Cultured. Management is extremely centralized in Kaki Group Of Industries. Although every employee is entitled to report to their direct supervisor and the supervisors are supposed to guide them and take decisions for them.  All decisions are checked by the top of the organization hierarchy. Kaki Group follows a multi-channel & cross communication style. The management of the group generally holds a meeting in alternate months or at a predetermined date to critically analyze the present & near future situation of the group and its enterprises.  All sister concerns are connected to the corporate office through 1 6 inline to take rapid decisions. Headquarter is not apprised of important competitive information and, thus, is slow to respond ; Different divisions/functions/regions operate as silos. ; Poor horizontal communication leads to inefficiencies and conflicting messages to the market. ; The firm frustrates strong performers and fails to weed out poor performers ; Firms fail to attract and retain talent complacency takes hold because career advancement and compensation are not closely tied to performance ; Ineffective appraisals result in individuals’ advancing beyond their pap abilities. 7 Organization culture and Kaki Groups ; First they follow the “Out come orientation” culture ; Secondly they followed the “Aggressiveness” culture. ; Thirdly they followed Innovation & Risk Taking” culture ; They also follow less in the “People orientation too less importance on “Team Orientation and stability’ cue True. ; But they followed the culture of “Attention to details” in mid level management and top management. 18 Type of Culture High Innovation and Risk Taking Attention to detail Outcome oriented Aggressiveness Stability Low People oriented

Team Oriented Medium 19 Our recommendation to Improve the CO in Kaki group 1 . The first step to breaking out of these typical and debilitating patterns of behavior is to recognize how and why the inherent traits of an organization influence, determine, and even predict the actions of each individual within it. These individuals each make decisions and tradeoffs every day that are bounded by their access to information and their anticipation of the incentives or consequences that will result from their actions. 0 The challenge in motivating superior performance then s to design an organization that aligns individual actions with the actions of others and the interests of the firm as a whole. Every day at every level yet few organizations have discovered the right formula. The organization needs to be sharing the details that for an employee realize themselves as a member of the company and they can easily motivate themselves.

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Organizational Culture and One of Its Implementations
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