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Akeelah Anderson is a immature. 11 twelvemonth old school-age child who is a littlemature and learns at the school of Crenshaw Middle School. She hasdeveloped many new alterations from the beginning of the film until the terminal.

Towards the beginning of this narrative. Akeelah was merely a normal schoolgirl.

Well. normal significance that she went to school merely like everybody. Although. she wasn’t making rather good in her surveies. First of all. she barely of all time turnedin half of her prep! The instructors at Crenshaw surely didn’t have acrave at all for Akeelah’s pathetic survey wonts.

Following. she was accused ofskipping categories which of class. she did but claimed she merely skipped thephysical instruction. or PE categories. True. on her trials she would stand out everytime. Akeelah would ne’er lose a spelling word and would invariably acquire a large. ruddy A+ marked on her paper. Unfortunately. her attending wasn’t desired. as she was belated about every twenty-four hours.

Essay About Akeelah And The Bee

Akeelah Anderson was non a really polite miss towards her schoolmates orfamily members. It was her manner whether you liked it or non. If it was difficult. Akeelah wouldn’t privation to make it ; if it was easy. she’d take it into consideration.

She had an attitude that wasn’t proper and was disliked. The manner she talked. slang and all. made the instructors around her get 2nd ideas about her.

She was ever described as holding possible but non holding any desire ineducation.

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She failed. at the beginning. to larn that school should alwayscome up foremost before winning any spelling bee. Akeelah Anderson. in myopinion. gave up excessively many times even though the people who fought for herto win cheered her on.

During the spelling bee at her school. Akeelah would easy acquire distractedfrom people who would badger her. She didn’t cognize how to stand up forherself but merely fought alternatively of work outing the struggle with good manners.

She learns how to stand up for herself when her brother says to her. “C’monAkeelah. make the spelling bee for Dad. ” Akeelah first refuses to vie inthe spelling bee but when she hears that she should make it for her deadfather. she instantly wants to vie.

Akeelah Anderson hardly is positive at the beginning of the narrative. Shebarely smiled or laughed at people. When she eventually meets Dr. Larabee. andhe commands her to halt speech production slang. Akeelah’s reply is. ” Whatever. ”Akeelah hasn’t yet learned how to act with proper manners to an adultespecially one who lost a loved 1. He calls her an impudent kid. andAkeelah hatreds to be called like that. She all of a sudden becomes ill-mannered and talksback to Mr. Larabee. There is a point where Akeelah says her sorry but shedidn’t truly intend it as she stomps off off to her house.

When it comes to the Los Angeles School District Spelling Bee. she is stillshy within her milieus. She hasn’t learned yet how to get the better of herfears though finally. Dr. Larabee will. The fact that has been teasing herparents and school staff is that Akeelah merely worries and cares about thespelling bee. Surveies come after spelling bees is Akeelah’s manner of looking atthings.

The people who inspired Akeelah to alter her manner and personality wereseveral characters. One of them was Mr. Larabee who helps her to beconfident and non to allow anything acquire in her manner. She starts assuring non tospeak any longer slang. and this is the clip when she genuinely apologizes for theinsult incident that she had created yearss earlier. Mr. Larabee could bedescribed like another male parent for Akeelah Anderson because he ne’er lether to believe that she was an unemployed also-ran. It was ever positive for him.

Georgia. Javier. and Dylan contributed a batch to doing Akeelah alteration hermanners and behaviour. Javier. a spelling bee friend of Akeelah’s. helps her toconcentrate more on her surveies. and he truly puts a bright visible radiation in front ofher significance that he ever makes her smile. In the beginning of the narrative. she would barely smile and believe in herself but with the true religion of herbee friend. Javier. she learned self-respect. In add-on. the manner thatJavier stalled during the spelling bee merely to wait for Akeelah to come backfrom the talk by her ma was merely outstanding work. I mean. Javierdidn’t even win the spelling bee. and he was the 1 who could havemotivated Akeelah into being the reflecting star for everyone and winning thebee. alongside with Dylan.

Dylan. the individual who was the other rival of the spelling bee. contributed tonss to Akeelah’s alteration of personality. He gave her confidenceto radiance in the spelling bee since he was her opposition. Since he knew morewords. he gave Akeelah the assurance to larn five-thousand words byherself to win the spelling bee. Now. Akeelah’s best friend Georgia was ahuge impact to Akeelah. She was that best friend who would ever motivateAkeelah by stating her that she can make things even when Akeelah herselfthought she couldn’t. Georgia allowed Akeelah to construct more self-confidenceand to win the spelling bee by her positive comments.

Yes. Akeelah the Bee was still an speculative and bombinating kid throughoutthe film. but that was natural. The people who stood beside Akeelahallowed her to derive many things such as assurance and motive. Whetherit was her manager Mr. Larabee. her best friends. Georgia. Javier. Dylan or hermom and pa. she ever knew how to reflect and make what was best for her.

Many times Akeelah refused to make things in the beginning and gave up manytoo times. but her friends stood by her side whether it was Akeelah’s toughmoments or easy 1s. They inspired her to travel through all the manner for thespelling bee. and her ma even motivated her to win the spelling bee. Thisspelling bee was Akeelah’s merely opportunity to win it. as she was about traveling todrop out since she did non obey her female parent. Akeelah changed her personalityand manners so that everyone around her would love her. and that was true.

Akeelah ne’er stopped bombinating like a true spelling title-holder bee.


Akeelah and the Bee

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