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Air Pollution’s Impact on the World Paper

The World Inside this article Air Pollution Significantly Impacts the World Stay Alert Air pollution Will Reach You eventually Pl Cars And Auto Emissions Air Pollution And Your Health up Heavily Polluted Areas Air pollution on The Rise UP In Some Parts of The World How can We Reduce Air Pollution Conclusion- A Revolution might be necessary up The threat of air pollution is becoming larger everyday, we need to find a way to top air pollution!

In the end we are the ones contributing to our own extinction, we are the origin of air pollution. The continuous burning of fossil fuels is one of the main contributors. Would it surprise you to know that if you drive a car you are burning fossil fuels and ultimately contributing to air pollution. Factories are also contributing to air pollution by burning their fossil fuels. Most people in some way is contributing to air pollution however we can all make a difference. Power Plants

Stay Alert, Air pollution Will Reach You Eventually Air pollution can easily encompass entire cities You may look out the window everyday and see a wonderful blue sky. However in other parts of the world you can choke from air pollution. Its only a matter of time before you are choking! NO matter how clean your country is air pollution shall reach you eventually in some way from factories or auto emissions so make a difference and protect our world perfect for us. Page 2 Cars and Auto Emissions

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Cars are a major contributor to air pollution Cars play a major part in the global threat of air pollution. As stated earlier they burn fossil fuels and do harm the environment. Would it that in the United States cars are responsible for 75% of carbon monoxide? In fact most countries are asking people to use less polluting ways of traveling such as buses or just walking. Now I know many people believe that electric cars are the solution to this problem however it’s not so simple.

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