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Air pollution Paper

Essay Topic:

Urban area is dotingly attacked by haze and people have nothing to do but grudgingly live with dust they will never get rid of. The situation becomes so severe that everyone couldn’t turn a deaf ear to it. The effects caused by air pollution are no longer something negligible. Research collaborate done by three universities in Hong Kong estimates that the pollution is costing Hong Kong about HIKE$21. 2 billion a year in hospital admissions. In addition, Studies by local public health experts also found that these roadside pollution levels are responsible for 90,000 hospital admissions and 2,800 premature deaths annually.

We can come to conclusion with the above data that poor air quality not only aggravates the authorities’ burden in medical expenditure but more importantly, the huge lost in productivity. Further ahead, pollution is driving away business and hurting Hong Gong’s global competitiveness. There have been enough warnings from the head of the stock market that pollution was scaring investors away. It is said that the air quality in Hong Kong is now regularly so poor that its “long-term competitiveness is in some doubt”. Tourism, on the other side, has also been affected in the same way.

Pollution is dramatically harming both the health of Hong Kong citizens and its economy, It further cripple its ability to attract skilled foreign labors.

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