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A&F Environmental Threats Essay

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What are the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for A&F? Firebombed & Fitch has been known for not being very diverse. They were striving for a certain look and style. It was mainly consisted of young white male and females with nice bodies, beautiful hair and shapes that fit their tiny clothes. If a customer were to walk into any A&F store and look on the walls, they would notice that the models all have the same look. Not only do the models look the same, but was known for hiring associates that also fit that look.

Firebombed has admitted to recruiting employees from sororities and fraternities and customers who “looked the part”. There were not many minorities working in the stores and even fewer minority models on the walls. If minorities were hired, they were working in the back, in stock. Or only coming in right before closing. Actions like these have opened the door for lawsuits for discrimination. Racial profiling, has also limited the type of clientele that frequents the stores.

While this was exactly what A&F was owing for Initially, It Limits the potential Income that the company could be earning. By not being as diverse as many other clothing companies, A&F could stand the chance of losing business. Many customers do not care for discrimination and the misrepresentation of cultures. Firebombed and Fitch have four brands such as Hollister, Ruler, Firebombed and Giggly Hicks. A negative mark on one brand can possibly negatively affect all brands. 2. What are the greatest opportunities available in the marketplace for A&F to pursue?

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In light of the economy decreasing due to the housing market taking a dive and the unemployment rate rising everyday, people are not as willing to spend a large amount of money on clothes. Now is the time for many to become conservative, save money and shop for bargains. To maintain their customers and possibly gain more, A&F could take advantage of the bargain… 2. What are the greatest opportunities available In the marketplace for A&F to pursue? A&F could take advantage of the bargain… Identify and describe the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for A&F. Firebombed & Fitch has been known for its lack of diversity. They have always strives for a particular look and style. Their staff mainly consists of young white attractive male and females. Store Managers are encouraged to ask attractive shoppers If they want to apply for a sales position. A&F has outlined a strict dress policy that the employees hair have to be neat and attractive, make up Is to be worn to enhance natural features along with many other demands.

In the stores there are posters of attractive went models wearing trademark clotting wanly represents ten look they wanted to capture when hiring employees. A&F recruits employees from sororities and fraternities who look the part and fit their mold of the all American male and female. A&F ran into legal issues when lawsuits were filed alleging that they discriminated against minorities. It was said that in an effort to cultivate a white workforce minority applicants were steered into less visible Jobs such as stock…

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