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AEL Lesson Plan Essay

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Concentration- the child will control the movement of his/hers dominant hand In order to achieve the goal. The mind and body will be working in harmony. Importance of coordination of dominate hand. Possibilities of control of error. Social aspects and skills- Child will be able to share the activity and respect of taking turns of other children in activity. Order- child will develop cognitive structure for building and being perceptive towards various colors and sizes. The activity will help develop creative thinking. Combination of Indirect objectives will encourage the child’s self discipline.

Vocabulary The colors of the domino blocks can be discussed and different height of plain bridge blocks can be Introduced. Stage This activity can be adjusted according to child’s age and capability. It can be introduced in early age by using only colorful identical domino. Also it can be upgraded to advance activity by adding bridge blocks with different height. This activity is adjustable towards needs and interest of child. Presentation The teacher invites the child to accompany him to the shelf. Name the activity “Tumbling bridge of domino” and ask the child to carry the tray to the table.

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The teacher might show to child how to hold the tray correctly with both hands. The teacher asks a child where does s/he want to perform the task. Child can choose table or mat that I has to be placed on the floor. The teacher sits next to the child and place tray between them. The tray with activity has to be on child’s dominant side because It Is hers/ his workplace. The teacher presents the activity with slow clear movements. Teachers dominant hand will start setting up plain bridge blocks. Before staring the activity the teacher can separate blocks into two groups.

First group would De Dredge Deadlocks palmer Into gradual inelegant second group would De colorful dominoes that would be placed on the top of the bridge in the end. Teacher’s nominate hand will start set up bridge blocks from the lower block. Then gradually second highest block, third and forth-highest block. It this point teacher might ask the child to perform take initiative if he/she is willing. The pair of the highest block will be placed within some space and blocks will be set up gradually into the lowest point. The teacher will be able to put plain block on top of two highest blocks in order to crate bridge.

The main part is done. The second part of the activity consists of placing colorful domino on the bridge. The child can be fully involved into pacing part or all of the dominoes. This progress depends on the child’s interest. The child can choose the color order. The dominant hand will place domino on the top of each bridge block. On the top centre child has to put two dominoes in the same row. This activity requires great concentration, and eye-hand coordination. After the activity is successfully completed, the child can knock down all dominoes.

This is the most interesting part of the activity when child has visual contact how dominoes are falling one by one by touching each other. After activity is over, the child can be encourage to take apart the bridge by replacing each bridge block and domino back o the tray. It is necessary to remind the child that s/he can perform the activity again if s/he wishes so. After completing the activity the child is expected to put the activity back on the shelf. Also child will tuck his chair back or remove floor mat back to the place.

This building bridge blocks with dominoes is complex activity that might need to be presented a few more times by teacher. Activity The child should be encouraged to build the bridge from the various height blocks and be advised to place colorful domino on top. This activity will help to differ the colors of domino and height of bridge blocks. The concentration is essential. Point of interest The idea of building bridge will fascinate a child and enhanced placement of colorful dominoes that can be knocked down in the end of the activity will attract child’s interest.

Exploration In addition, more blocks can be inserted into the activity in order to create extra complex activity. Uses in daily life It is stimulated activity that has benefit in cognitive development. It encourages intelligent thinking in spatial skills. Moreover, building block is strongly linked with math skills in the future development as comparison between height and width. RISK Assessment There is no potential risk in the building domino bridge activity. It is only for child’s benefit. Links to EYES Communication and language development Child will gain new vocabulary regarding to new activity.

By building bridge and setting up domino will enhance child’s vocabulary of color, size and shape terminology. It refers to age 40 to 60 months old children, when they can sit quietly and concentrate and being able speaking, listening and understanding the activity. Physical development Children develop their coordination and they have developed full control of their movement. Personal, Social, and Emotional development Child will experience feeling of confidence by repeating the building blocks with domino activity.

Child can build a tower by combining of wooden bridge blocks with wooden colored domino. This activity can be split into another possible game variation. This activity is creative and it encourages creative thinking. The activity could be break into two separated activities. First activity would consist of plain wooden blocks with different height. In this activity the child would be able to control the act of building the bridge and be able to realize how gradually the bridge is set up. Second activity would consist of building domino in the row.

This activity would enhance child’s thinking in sense of colors, movement and concentration. The child will learn colors and then the child will need to perform precise slow movement to place domino in the row without being able to destroy the row. This activity will encourage the idea of child’s concentration. These different strategies could be applied in order to support child with special abilities and characteristics. How the activity can contribute to a child’s overall well-being This activity will help the hill to become patient in order to practice when the goal has to be reached.

It will build child self discipline because s/he will experience many control of errors while reaching the goal of building bridge of blocks with set up colorful domino. Managing Risk in Activities of Everyday Living Each child need to be acknowledge with safety rules while performing their activities in Interiors settings. Children need to develop self-awareness how to manage risk and encourage feeling of responsibility. The main point of each activity due to risk is prevention. Preventing accident has to be accomplished by evaluating and analyzing ACH activity that goes on the self for Interiors settings.

Risk statement has to be established and developed in the details. Maintaining hygiene is crucial point in Interiors settings. Healthy environment can be created by teaching children how to keep hands clean and how to take care of settings items by cleaning and washing them. Another vital point in health and safety is to keep up to date with legislation. Staff and all practitioners have to be trained in safeguarding and give a first aid. These points are a must in each setting in order to maintain safe environment.

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