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Advertisement Essays Paper

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However, my favorite magazine of all time, and the only magazine that I regularly read is Men’s Health magazine. In the united States, Men’s Health magazine is known as the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. It covers a lot of topics such as men’s lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, fashion and even sexuality. As usual, I went to C.V. last Sunday and bought my magazine.

As I read along, I found an advertisement about men’s socks from Gold Toe.

This advertisement caught my eye not only because of its beautiful design but also its meaningful text. I also want to bring up the target audience to whom the company wants to sell and how the advertiser uses both the mirror and window effects to persuade people to buy their products. First, let’s talk about the Gold Toe’s fantastic design. When I first looked at the Gold Toe advertisement, my eyes were caught by Its colorful design. When I look at the picture In the bottom of the advertisement, my thought was ‘who would wear those mind of socks which are so bright and colorful? .

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However, when I looked up, I saw a picture of two legs of a man wearing classic Jeans with a pair of black leather shoes. In the picture, this man is wearing socks from Gold Toe which are shown between the gap of the Jean and the leather shoes. Despite the fact that the socks are colorful and too bright, they are the highlight of the bottom part of the man’s outfit. There are five colors combined together which are blue, dark blue, green, cream and black. These colors emphasize the fashion of the man, and they also help the man catch other’s attention easily.

Advertisement s Essay Sample

Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement

In addition, the strategies that the company uses to persuade people to buy their Lulu 2 products are also very interesting. There is a picture that takes almost half of the page only showing the legs of man and women. Based on their styles, I could guess they are around twenty five to thirty years old. I could only see the legs but whenever I look at the picture, I can imagine that they are doing some kind of flirting, having playful conversation or even making out. The woman is wearing a blue dress with high heels shoes.

Her knees are touching the man’s legs which are very close, and I an tell that the woman is totally attracted to this man.

In the picture, the socks stand out the most because of the colors, so I think the reason that the woman is attracted to this man Is because of his own fashion which Is highlighted by his socks. That catches my attention the most is, “Women Come. Women Go. But Great Socks Stick Around. ” In this quote, the advertiser lets people know the power of their products.

Men and Women are always a perfect combination. However, in this particular advertisement, the socks seem to be more loyal than women because women come and then they may stay or leave, but socks always stay.

The socks make men look different and can show their own styles with their socks. There is also a quote from a small paragraph below the banner that says: “Looking for true love? Get a pair of Gold Toe socks. ” The advertiser wants to compare their socks with men’s true love which is women. In this situation, the company wants to show men that the socks will do better than the women. They will help men show their styles everywhere they go.

The socks are always there when the men need them,and not every women could do the same thing.

In the same paragraph, the company also states that “For more than 80 years, men eave been smitten with their exceptional durability. We knit each pair to last, with specially reinforced heels and toes. Flattened toe seam make them extra comfortable. ” In only three Lulu 3 sentences, the company shows how sophisticated they are to make such a good pair of socks. Men have been looking for the best quality of socks for a very long time.

With Gold Toe, the socks are high quality. They are designed to fit the shape of entire foot. What makes the socks special is the revolutionary of design that can make men’s toes feel comfortable all the time.

It is evident that the message that the company rises to send to their customers is simple but it contains a lot of deeper meanings when they compare their socks with women and true love. They also show their remarkable design that makes the socks totally comfortable on men’s feet and help them stay fashionable. I think the target audience the advertisement aims for is men of ages from twenty to fifty years old. In my opinion, these kind of socks are totally appropriate for all men. For example, for men that are still young of ages between twenty to twenty five years old, they could wear their Jeans and sneakers with Gold Toe socks.

With those lord, they will help those men look very energetic because of the dynamic colors of the socks. For men with ages of thirty to fifty years old, Gold Toe socks will still look good on them because these men tend to wear suits a lot and their styles are totally different than the young men. However, leather shoes always go with the suit, and Gold Toe socks are perfect for this type of shoes, based on the picture. Therefore, we can see that Gold Toe socks can be used in every age and style. Lastly, the advertisers also create the mirror effects when they make me think about myself in those socks as soon as I look at the picture.

The men’s outfit in the picture is so cool that I Just want to try those socks on right away with the exact Jeans and leather shoes. This is not my style, but I would still buy a pair of Gold Toe socks very soon. The company also creates the window effect as well. I can imagine that when I wear those socks, they will help me have my own style wherever I go. They will help me shine, and the most importantly is Lulu 4 In conclusion, I want to state that Gold Toe company is very good on how they advertise the socks and successfully persuade people to buy their products.

They try to catch people’s attention with the design and color.

Then, they convey a message to people using a lot of strong quotes with interesting comparisons. They also have a remarkable design which helps men’s toes feel more comfortable. The do not stop there, they also create their products to be appropriate at every age which I think is a smart step. Finally, they did a perfect Job on creating mirror and window effects for the advertisement. Last but not least, I already bought a pair for my own!

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