5 Disadvantages Of Keyboard

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Hardware is any physical part of the computer which can be touched or seen. These are the main types of hardware:  Monitor  Mouse  Keyboard Disk Drives  Printer  Speakers  Tower Monitor Disk Drive Speakers Printer Tower Mouse Keyboard Types of hardware There are four types of hardware.

Input Input is that type of hardware which is used to enter data into the computer. Process Process is that hardware which manipulates the inputted into useful form. Storage Storage is where the data is stored. Output Output devices allow you to view information produced after data has been processed. These are the following hardwares I used;

Input Keyboard, mouse and scanner Process Central Processing Unit Storage RAM, USB flash drive and hard disk Output Printer and monitor In the following table I will describe the hardware I have used in my system, the way they work and the advantages and disadvantages.

Name of device Price The way it works Advantages Disadvantages Keyboard i? 20 When a letter, number or a symbol is pressed on the keyboard then a signal is immediately sent to the CPU. Then the CPU passes on the information to the monitor which outputs it. Keyboards come in many types. For example. QWERTY, concept, ergonomic etc.

What Is Concept Keyboard

This means that you can choose the one that suits you.

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Using to much keyboard can lead to RSI. A keyboard can do the same job of a mouse, like scrolling through pages by just the touch of one button. People who are unfamiliar with keyboards will get a lot of mistakes and will type very slowly because the buttons are mixed up. The buttons in a keyboard are arranged in such a way that you feel comfortable to use and become used to the layout. The buttons in a keyboard are very close to each other and very light, this means that there could be a lot of errors. Mouse i? 13 There are two main types of a mouse.  Optical Mouse.

Balled Mouse. The way you move the mouse, in the same direction the arrow will move. A mouse can be used to play computer games. The ball in a balled mouse can get lost. A Mouse with a keyboard to enter data into data computer. Using the mouse to much can lead to RSI. A mouse is very easy to control. A mouse will only work well on flat surfaces. Scanner i? 60 A beam of light is shone on the object which is going to be scanned. The light is then reflected to a sensor which detects the colour of the light. A digital image is the created inside the computer. You can get 3 in1. It includes scanner, printer and photocopier.

A scanner can be very expensive. An image which is scanned can be edited and then be used in numerous forms. An image which is scanned can take up a lot of computer memory. Using a scanner saves time because data is inputted within matter of seconds. The scanner can be damaged because it is made of glass. 1GB USB flash drive i? 5 It can store large amounts of information and you can transfer files from one computer to another. They are portable and come in many designs and makes. Because they are very small they can fall out from your pocket and get lost. They can take in any format. USB devices transfer viruses from one computer to another.

They come in different sizes. From 32 MB to 64 GB. They are valuable, so there are chances of getting stolen. Monitor i? 100 Monitors come in two types. TFT  CRT Thousands of tiny dots called pixels are displayed which then create an image. TFT monitors are slim, so they take up lees space. TFT monitors can get scratched or damaged easily. TFT monitors create less heat than CRT. CRT monitors create too much heat and the room gets stuffy. CRT monitors are massive, so there are less chances of getting damaged. Some monitors do not have good graphics, so the image quality will not be as good. CPU.

(Intel Pentium Dual Core) i? 80 The CPU is the brain of the computer. It processes data. In the CPU all the sorting and calculations take place. It is small, so it will take less space. If it is damaged then the computer will not work. There is no need of buying it separate because it already comes with the computer. If there is no fan next to it then it will blow up. It is very fast because it can carry out millions of instructions per second. It is very expensive to buy. Laser printer i? 250 They work using powdered ink which is fused onto paper by heat and pressure. They do not use cartridges but use toners.

Hundreds of pages could be printed in an hour. They are very expensive to buy. The print outs are of very good quality. Toners are used instead of cartridges, this means that there will be extra costs It is very quiet and does not make any noise. They are massive and bulky; this means that if it breaks down then repairs will be very expensive. RAM (3 GB) i? 45 To load programs it uses memory. RAM lets you open many programs at once. The more RAM you have the faster your computer will be. If you have less ram then your computer will crash a lot. You can even get to 4 GB RAM. It is quite expensive to buy in shops.

It responds fast to signals. If the data is not saved and computer is switched ff, then the data will be lost. Hard disk (250 GB) i? 85 The hard disk is the main storage device of the computer. All the data files and applications are stored in it. You do not loose any data when the computer is switched off. The hard disk can stop the computer from working if it crashes. They can store very large amounts of data. They can go up to 1 TB or sometimes even more. If the hard disk crashes on a regular basis the data from the hard disk could be lost. They come with every computer.

This means you do not have to buy one when you buy a computer. The hard disk comes fixed inside the computer and can be difficult to transfer data to another computer. Alternatives In the following table I will give an alternative device to the hardware listed in the above table. I will also describe the way it works, its advantages and disadvantages and what difference it will make if used. Name of device Alternative The way it works Advantages Disadvantage Difference it would make if used QWERTY Keyboard Concept Keyboard It has a sheet spread on a grid which has pictures and symbols. The user can identify what each button will do.

People who are unfamiliar with QWERTY keyboards can use this one. It has a limited amount of options to be programmed. The difference it would make if used a concept keyboard is that I will not have to move my hands and fingers too much. It could be used to teach little children. They make a lot of sounds and noises. It is very useful when ordinary keyboards might be damaged by spillages etc. They are not good for numeric input, though some come with a numeric pad. Balled mouse Optical mouse There is a laser at the bottom of the mouse which detects the movement. The way the mouse is move the same way the arrow on the screen will move.

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5 Disadvantages Of Keyboard
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