Advantages And Disadvantages Of Home Schooling

Homeschooling is an education option for children which means that the children do not have to go to school to study, but they study in their own home by the guidance of their parents or tutors. This education option is recognized and also accepted in many countries. For example in Indonesia there is a law that protects and accepts informal education such as homeschooling. It is written in UU No 20/2003 about Education National System article 27. In the past, some parents belive that it was not a good ideas to give the children homeschooling because they were worried if they give their children homeschooling then their children’s knowledge will not develop as good as other children who take common schools.

Nowadays people seems to change their mind, they started to think about giving their children homeschooling. About 1, 35 million USA children in 2007 take homeshooling (Kompas news paper), and even more in present. In some parents’ opinion, they gave their children homeschooling because they want to prevent their children from bullying that often happens in common schools.

There are two advantages of giving children homeschooling. The first advantage that many parents think before they give their children homeschooling is that they want to prevent their children from aggressive environment for example is students bullying because so many cases about bullying that happens in school even though it had not been report in media. Usually the younger or smaller kids who become the victims of the older kids’ bad attitude, this can happen because in common schools the students are not in the same ages.

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There are age gaps among them and due to the age gaps, the bully action might happen because the older students see the younger students as weak people that will not fight back to the older students if they hurt them. This is what the parents are worried because they cannot always protect their children if their children take public scho…

Homeschooling Disadvantages Essay

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Home Schooling
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