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Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Adolf Hitler

What I comprehended from the speaker was a lot of information that I had already known, but he also threw in some info that I found interesting. He started off by explaining that Adolf Hitler had come from Austria to Germany because he wasn’t allowed into the Austrian military. This information poked my curiosity because I had no clue that is the reason he came to Germany. The speaker also talked about Hitler’s rise to power. He explained that he worked his way through the ranks. From what I took from this was that Hitler was going to be the fuere, but he was elected Chancellor. From here he was able to spread his will to the furea. After that he was able to take his seat at the throne, so to speak, he was able to push his idea on the people.

A lot of the people that looked up to him were children. At this time a lot of kids were fatherless and only had Hitler as a father figure. He was able to feed on this and sort of brainwash them to obey his commands. After a short time he turned the S.S. into his military and started to turn his power on the Jewish community. He started horrible propaganda about them. He started to turn everyone on the Jews and made it so they couldn’teven own a store in town. With lack of work the Jewish community started to look worse to the Germans. Again, feeding on the misfortune of the Jews, Hitler used this to say that the Jews were some sort of vermin.Once he had the Germany on his side, it was easy to start the eradication of the Jewish community.

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Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust

Hitler sent the Jew to Ghettos, which are like little towns, to be held until they were sent off to concentration camps. Once at the concentration camps, people were separated from their families, never to be seen again. Some of the people were immediately sent to work, others were sentenced to death.Something I didn’t know happen that the speaker spoke of was the fact that they tricked people into taking “showers”.I thought that it was …

Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust

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