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Addisons Disease Essay Paper

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The disease I’ve been reading and researching about is called Addison’s Disease. Addison’s Disease is an uncommon status in which the adrenal secretory organs. above the kidneys. don’t make sufficiency of a endocrine called hydrocortisone. which helps modulate the body’s usage of a protein. saccharides and fat. helps keep blood force per unit area and cardiovascular map and controls inflamation. Causes to how a individual will get and the usual type of people to acquire Addison’s Disease are from diseases like HIV. malignant neoplastic disease. surgery. radiation therapy and familial. Signs and Symptoms consist of those similar to a tummy virus.

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Signs of Addison’s Disease include low blood force per unit area. blackening of tegument and type 1 diabetes. Symptoms of the disease normally develop easy but consist of musculus failing and weariness. weight loss and decreased appetency. salt hungering. low blood sugar. sickness. diarrhoea or emesis. musculus or joint strivings. crossness and depression. A individual with some of the marks and symptoms of Addison’s disease will most probably non hold it but if they don’t have color stain. low blood force per unit area. blackening of the tegument and the impulse to hold salty nutrients so they should confer with with a physician.

To name Addison’s disease your physician will first inquire you if you have had malignant neoplastic disease. have Hiv or household history of Addison’s disease. and a physical scrutiny to find if there have been any skin stain. Other trials such as Blood trials to look into for high K or low Na degrees. your hydrocortisone and ACTH degrees may be checked. ACTH stimulation Trials to look into how your endocrine degrees are. Imagining trial such as Ct scans or MRI’s to look for harm to the adrenal secretory organs. The order of trials would be determined through the 1s with least side affect chance. so the hysical trial would be foremost. so blood trial. so an ACTH stimulation Test. and eventually the Imagination Trials.

Addison’s Disease intervention is made up of medical specialty. self-care and being prepared for when your organic structure is under a great sum of emphasis. if your physician has the slightest idea that you have Addison’s he will set you on medicine right off. Medicine will necessitate to be taken as prescribed and will be for the remainder of your life to replace the hydrocortisone and aldosterone that your organic structure is non bring forthing. To hold a nice self-care agencies you need to acquire adequate salt in your diet. weigh yourself on a regular basis. onitoring your blood force per unit area. and acquire regular medical examinations.

Be prepared for drastically bad feelings amongst your organic structure. hold a shooting of exigency medical specialty with you at all times. and have on a medical ticket for when a physicians needs to cognize if you have to hold a hydrocortisone shooting. Bing diagnosed with Addison’s is tough but with these interventions it gives you the option to populate. Addison’s disease could be difficult to cover with but thanks to todays engineering and research it gives a patient hope. After reading about Addison’s disease it made me thankful that I’m healthy and sorry for the people that have to endure from the disease.

Addisons Disease Essay

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