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Adam Walsh Act Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Sex Trafficking

Thousands of people are sexually abused every year, however not all sex offenders are ever apprehended. There really is no description as to who is a sex offender as they can seem normal and be highly intelligent. They have been known to premeditate and to use deceptive techniques to get what they want (Cross-Tower, 2008). Many believe that sexual offenders should be monitored for the rest of their lives because statistics show that hey are likely to repeat their first offense and to ensure the safety of society.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act requires that before a sex offender Is released from prison or three days after being release from nonpoisonous sentence that they must be registered in the sex offender registration. They must provide their name, USN, address, name and address of their employer if they have one, if they are a student they need to provide the school and address, and license plate along with car description (“Public law 2006).

At the same time, the state must also provide into the registry the description of the sex offender, the offense, criminal history, fingerprints, and current photograph (“Public law 2006). The law also requires a classification of sex offenders which is broken down into three categories: Tier l, Tier II, and Tier Ill. Each tier Is setup with different requirements. For example, Tier Ill, sex offenders In this tier are required to update their whereabouts every three months along with malignantly life registration.

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Tier II ex offenders must update their whereabouts every SIX months and be registered In the database for 25 years. And the less severe Tier I only update their whereabouts once a year but must be registered for 15 years. Sex offenders in Tier II are people who have been imprisoned for more then a year and who have committed the following offenses: sex trafficking; coercion and enticement; transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity; abusive sexual contact (“Public law 109? 2006).

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