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Act I scene 5 Essay

As the events unfold, the audience is introduced to the pivotal party scene where Tybalt’s character continues in a similar way to disrupt and add pace to the play. The party starts with a busy, excitable, happy atmosphere that switches to focus on Romeo adoration of Juliet as he sees her we see that he’s in love with her, which softens and slows down the pace where Romeo is astonished by the beauty of Juliet “what lady’s that which doth enrich the hand” is a metaphoric illustrates Juliet’s beauty. He starts speaking lengthy and tries to describe her beauty “for I ne’er saw true beauty till this night” this suggests that he completely forgets about his love for Rosaline.Tybalt’s entrance to the scene changes and quickens the pace of the play from romantic and quiet to angry and furious. He starts with his commanding, and demanding words “fetch me rapier, boy” this again shows his imperative nature of expressing a command. His inability to think equally for others shows that he is a very arrogant and insolent character “what dares the slave” insinuate that his failure to be equal by calling Romeo a peasant. He doesn’t care what other people think, as he is very angry he shows his anger by extreme reaction and love for violence “to strike him dead” threatening and make the audience fear for Juliet. As he just decides to kill him.When Capulet enters we see Tybalt’s weakness, this addresses Tybalt patronizingly with Capulet “a goodman boy”; “am I the master boy or you?” “For shame” this takes away Tybalt’s imposing authority which makes the audience amused on Tybalt not being able to do anything in front of the Capulet. Tybalt’s parting words “I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, converts to bitt rest gall” this rhyming couplet demonstrates Tybalt’s firm decision to take revenge on Romeo; we anticipate further complication in Romeo’s and Juliet’s love affair.At the end of the scene we see Tybalt’s promising to himself that Romeo will pay. But the strength of violence did not affect love as Tybalt leave, his arrogant, angry atmosphere still echoing in our ears we see Romeo holding Juliet’s hand and kissing her. What will happen next is pretty obvious because of what Tybalt has said in his last sentence so he will take revenge on Romeo…as he say’s his prank seems so sweet now, will turn to bitter to him later for Tybalt by taking avengement.

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