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Acid-Base Titration Lab Report Paper

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Noah solution will be required to titrate 1. G of potassium hydrogen phthalate to the annihilate endpoint. 3) use brotherly blue or phenolphthalein. Week 2 1) Determine the military of the Noah prepared from precedent week. 2) Estimate how many mils of Noah solution will be required to reach the brotherly blue endpoint. 3) Identify the antacid preparation that will be used. Procedures 1) Preparation and standardization of Noah l. Prepare Noah solution by using stock MM Noah_ prepare 6-mm’ of a 0. 5 M Noah. 2. Weigh a sample of potassium hydrogen (KIP) between 1. 1 to 13 gram.

Dissolve the KIP by adding SO m I of water _ Swirl to complete solution. 4. Titrate be as accurate as possible, repeat titration several times. Preparation and standardization of HCI. 1. Prepare hydrochloric acid stock solution. 2. Measure out a sample Of HCI. Use a 10 ml volumetric pipette to transfer solution to flask and add indicator. 3. Perform titration. 3) Antacid Titration 1. Measure out the amount of sample decided 2) 2. Add an excess Of acid.

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