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Accenture Nokia Evaluating Alternative Solutions Paper

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Client Profile Monika is a global leader in mobile communications whose products eave become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1. 3 billion people use their Monika to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Ionians technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit http://van. -v’. “N. Monika. Mom/botanical, Business Challenge There are various initiatives by national and regional regulators worldwide to improve collection and management Of electronics waste. They are particularly Argentina improved end-?of-life management. For example, recent electronic waste directives target collection of 85 percent of waste generated or 65 percent of product put on the market in the previous three years. These new requirements may have a significant impact on manufacturers of electronics devices like Monika, the world’s second largest mobile phone maker by unit sales.

To ensure future compliance and avoid related costs, Monika wanted to analyze different methods to increase returns of end-of-life equipment, In finding a solution, it took three key challenges into consideration: The second-hand market tort used phones is considerable and a large percentage of devices are unofficially disassembled. Monika has very limited visibility of these material flows , ; Huge variation exists in terms of how markets are organized and regulated, and how different customer segments can be motivated to return end-of-life devices. Company-level solutions are often not cost efficient and effective enough; an industry- level solution is often needed. Through previous engagements, Accentuate had developed a strong relationship with Monika, demonstrating a clear understanding f the client context. When Accentuate put forward an insightful value proposition, Monika asked Accentuate to help assess the implications and feasibility of deposit models. Accentuate was also asked to identify other alternatives with potential to increase end-of-? life device return rates.

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How Accentuate Helped Accentuate proposed a collaborative three-?phased approach: ; In the first phase, Accentuate Sustainability Services worked with Monika to conduct a market analysis, reviewing successful take-back models in mobile phone and Other industries and interviewing Monika sustainability traders globally to understand high-level implications in the various geographies, including developed and emerging markets. ; In the second phase, the Accentuate team designed tour potential deposit model prototypes and evaluated their testability.

Through internal client workshops and input from Accentuate subject matter specialists, various elements were assessed-?i. E. , estimated phone return rates, ease-of-implementation, risk minimization, required nevi capabilities Monika would have to invest in, high level operating costs, key incentives for different players, and incremental value attention. ; The final phase saw the development of a Monika report on a defined deposit model.

A radical departure from current models, the report describes options to increase end-of-life mobile phone returns through use off leasing business model that encompasses manufacturers, operators and consumers. However, this model will require significant effort in general business model change management, and may not be adopted. This report will now be taken to stakeholders and industry peers. The timeline set for completion Of the engagement was May 2012. Accentuate met all deadlines and elections.

In delivering the project a newly developed closed-loop methodology from Accentuate Sustainability Services-?a proven, fact- and hypothesis-based approach to “circular business”-? was applied. This will support Monika to effectively move towards more sustainable resource loops, reusing, remunerating and recycling goods to minimize impact on scarce resources and climate change. In turn, this will help improve Ionians reputation as a responsible business as well as assist the organization in reducing the delivery cost of new products and services, and generate new avenue streams.

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