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Research Paper On Abortion Paper

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Paper type: Research paper , Subject: Abortion

The essay sample on Research Paper On Abortion dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.

The word abortion means someone leaving something like aborting a boat but in this instance I will be talking about aborting her baby(s). Women give up there children before they are born when they are just a little egg. The law says that after 24 days this process cannot be taken place for the woman, because the baby has started to develop some of the organs so it is more like a person breathing. So it is then more like death, and the doctors find it harder to get the baby out of the woman’s body when it is 24 days old in the body. Most people think that abortion means different things some think that it is death some think it is an unborn life that is yet to live the life that his or her mother and father set for them.

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In this essay I will be considering the main points of abortion and look at what the different types opinions of the Christian community at this time in life, and also to think about this topic of losing or the death child that has yet to be born. Or why we as a community might pardon our beliefs for someone’s reasons to go for abortion and not for someone else’s reason to have the abortion. If there ever is a real reason why people give up there babies before they have the chance to see the light of the room, the sun around and breath the oxygen around them what is this reason and is it that important to have the abortion? Is it that important to give up a member of there family yet to be born?

What Is A Discussion In A Research Paper

Some people need an abortion or think they do for different reasons; here are some of the reasons why someone might consider an abortion for some reason in their life:

* If some one happens gets raped they don’t want the memory of this time in there head with that baby on his or hers birthday every year of there life. So they go and have an abortion to save them-selves of the pain of that time, also to keep that unborn child of knowing his or her father was a terrible man who went around raping people because of some thing in his past. Especially if it was a young child that was raped at the time you don’t want them going through the trauma again as well as that unborn child.

o Ten to twenty years ago people believed that when a girl got raped the girl was asking for it and it was there fault because of the way they dressed or flirted.

* If the woman has a serious dieses that is life threatening at that age for some reason and cant give birth to the baby then the doctors would advise her not to have this baby at this time of her life or maybe even forever because it would put the woman’s life in danger as well as that unborn child’s life that wants to be born both of them could end up dead. Maybe the woman doesn’t want to have the abortion but because medical professionals advise it, so she may change her mind to save the baby till a later time in her life to save her self and the child. But if that woman happens to know that she had this problem at the beginning then she shouldn’t have had the pregnancy at the beginning.

* If the child happened to be younger sixteen then they might consider an abortion at this time again because of them being at school they wont be able to cope with this type of thing at that time in their life, being a child them selves and a mother to the new born. The child might not have wanted that baby at this time because of her age she why should she have to carry this baby when she is but a still baby herself: again she may have been raped or bribed at the time she should still not have to carry this child.

* If someone happen to have four children but they wanted more to bring joy and happiness but then if something happened like they were moving to anther country suddenly for example if the parent got transferred because of there work. They may want to change their mind because of the packing and unpacking at the time of the moving. Because six people is a lot to pack for if you still have the father at the time and if you have one more child it would be to much so they may have the baby later on in life.

* If the protection didn’t work i.e. the condom broke then the woman would also want to have an abortion. It may not always be this case if the husband has died or left her she would also want a abortion because you cant raise a child up by your self, it will remind her of her ex-husband and that child would ask questions when he or she grew up so its to help the parent and the child with there life at this time.

These are just a few of the reasons why some one might consider an abortion before the 24th day at that time in there life. Some of the reasons are so stupid and so unrealistic the doctors will not try to make abortion take place, unless anther doctor says he thinks its okay to let the abortion take place consent. One of the ones that they wont do abortion for is “I could not afford to buy protection” this one is one of the simplest excuses so they tend not to do the abortion because is it a waist of there time. Now the people that want abortion have to court now so they can see if the abortion is worth to take the doctors time.

There are lots different religions in this world that we split ourselves up into. The things that make them all different in there own way are in they all believe in different thing about life and abortion then other religions and people. In this section I will try to compare the Christians religions and say what different regions think about this topic abortion. I will first compare the Christian religion then I will talk about the other one and compare them.

* The Roman Catholic Church: These people try to believe the human life must be respected and protected at all times no matter what the age of the baby that waiting to takes its place in our society or an old person that is yet to die and leave this world and go to the next even if the person is good or evil every one has the right to life. Catholics believe As soon as the male sperm travels from the male to the female that is the beginning of the life in this special community calls the roman catholic church of what they base there religion on and hope to keep this religion going through there children. This is where they believe that the life of that pursues child starts to begin in side the woman that is looking after them. Where they beginning there life in the body of there that woman. The Catholics also believe that the child should have the same rights as the woman does in they were out of that body breathing oxygen. They also believe that abortion is a horrible crime that has been taken in to account like death.

* The Methodist Church: This religion the Methodist Church believes basically the same as the Roman Catholics that the child is made in the site of god, and that life that about to be made shouldn’t be taken away from that child. God died for them so they wouldn’t have to die for fright or villains at this early stage of time in there life. So in this particular religion this where they strongly believe in god at moments of crises the Christian’s think it is a sin to take a unborn child life away when they cant make there mind up for themselves whether if they want to be killed or not when they have done nothing wrong. Christians they say: “abortion is always an evil” they say this meaning whatever the circumstances for rape love or cost of for the protection abortion is never right and there is no excuse for an abortion no excuse for killing some one that has done no harm to any one else.

* The Church of England: This religion believes there are to stories to everything in this topic they believed that abortions are not good or bad. Unlike other religions that think abortions are evil good the church of England do believe it depends on the circumstances at the time but not all abortions are evil if you asked a Christian that goes to the church of England they will say: “it depends on the reason why the woman is pregnant from the start.”

Meaning for example: if it was rape its better to give that woman the abortion at this time in the woman’s life, because that baby would want to know where he or she what was what was the child’s past or even why that child doesn’t have a father at the time of its life when he or she need him the most in there life of growing up. To save that child from knowing about the trauma that happened to the woman to stop that child from living a life of sadness making that woman more upset it is better to choose the abortion at this time, in her life so the mother wouldn’t have to carry a baby around of the man who raped her to leave her the pain.

* The Sikhs: This religion believe almost the same as The Church of England that it depends on the circumstances of the abortion if it was because of the hair or the skin colour or even because of the gender of the child then the abortion is to be called evil at that time, because there is no proper reasons why they should kill that child at that point in time. If it was because of the age of the girl then that is one of the right choices because that is a child that has no past such as yet and she has jut began this life she is jumping right in to the role of a parents and it may not be that easy for the child or the baby that she is carrying especially when it comes to giving birth. The Sikhs think that abortion is never always good at times and is never always bad at any times as long as there is a proper reason why that woman cant give birth to that child.

There are some people that believe that it is not there but the choice of that woman its there decision they have to live with the gilt if they made the wrong decision in the end not anyone else. All some one can do for that woman is support them and help them in whatever way what want to go at the time of there life.

Some Christians make there decision about having abortions by looking at the problem they have that woman is happened to be faced with most people that consider this option of abortion is normally based on what the community and the doctors think because the doctors know the best. If that baby is going to be really ill the doctors will suggest that the easy option for the woman would be to abortion to get rid of that baby.

Because at this point in time the woman or the baby wont be able to cope and it would be easer to have the abortion for both of them at this time. Then the woman looks towards her family and friends to see what they think about this abortion to see if they will help her decide weather to keep this baby if the woman/girl was to young they would strongly advise for her to have the abortion but it is still in that woman’s/girls hands because its her body and she is the only one that can decide. The next place they would go to is to church to ask the priest about the bible and that is were the main choices would probably come in depending on the type of person it is who is having the baby if they believe strongly in god.

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