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A Walk To Remember Book Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: A Walk To Remember

Essay on “A Walk to Remember”

Thus, the author warns the reader in the beginning.

And he was right! I do not know the truth or Nicholas Sparks wrote deystvitlno excellent standing, excellent Istria, or so I sentemintalna that it was ready to cry out for all ?! I myself am rather inclined to the first, but I can not deny the latter. Perhaps all of this together made a strong impression on me. I did not want to stretch too much review, but I can see, you can not read the whole thing without oboytis.Vy do not, I will not blame you for this. I just nelbhodimo vent feelings, and so many of them … Of course, I could not describe all the emotions and on three pages (most likely they would have together around the same story, but it would have been full of approving, in different words of praise forms, so you do, I’m afraid, would become boring after the second paragraph, it would not be speaking of the page) a crime simply to write, for example: “a very good book!” or “No, not impressed” (the second would be a terrible mistake and perfect lie) First of all I want to say to myself that I really like these are the novels of such stories where love – is not just a lightweight attachment that goes through a couple of months and where love goes through many trials and it becomes more silnee.Zdes no tests as such, but is the death of a loved one does not have the biggest test? I’m sure that so est.Ne say that in “a Walk to Remember” is the adventure or exciting SCENE a. If you do expect it, no, I will disappoint you. You can safely remove the book in the back shelves or do not take it in hand. Because you do not get a feeling for what is trying to convey the author.

Review A Walk To Remember

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And so, after my experience (they are extremely good, the other could not be) I finally proceed to the plot. (That I sucked with his reasoning …..)

I have to say that after the film is interested in the book, which is very, very much. They are a little different, but both are great!

“When I was 17, my life was changed forever …..”

And so it begins. 57 – year old man remembers the most important event in his life. His first love. (And the only way we learn later) He tells how unexpectedly while 17-year-old boy, careless bully falls in love with a priest’s daughter – Jamie Sullivan, who lives with his father, always carries a Bible and everything that happens (whether good idli bad) says, “This is the will of God,” she smiles all the time, helping animals, orphans, the poor and simple. Although her family is far from rich. The more Landon (narrator) learns about the more Jamie falls in love with her. She reciprocates it. But suddenly, when they are together and they have all the good she recognized. Jamie dies. She has leukemia. And live it remained “a year or less” Of course, Landon shock. The guy does not understand how to live without it, suffering, he thinks how to ease her suffering. And suddenly she remembers that she once said of her dream – to find love and get married. And he takes her. Jamie literally wheelchair goes to the altar … But she’s happy. And he too. An old man Landon vspominaot about it. He was left alone. He did not like anyone else. He remained true to his Jamie and not about what is not zhaleet.Ona changed his life, changed him ….

Many people will criticize the book, saying that it was “what the baby snot”, etc. t.p.Iskrenne and regret them, because they could not believe that there is such a love, but can not understand ….. But never for me, this story will have something special, than the extraordinary. And I know that I will re-read it, and more than once …..

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This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on A Walk To Remember Book Review and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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