Princess Bride Synopsis

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Buttercup’s father continued and said, “Not with water.. You reek like a Italian,” (43). While I was reading the book I pictured this beautiful girl with long blonde hair, and then I find out that she doesn’t properly bathe, and that made me rethink how I looked at Buttercup as a beautiful young lady that guys were highly attracted to. The author did this to make you question who she really was and if she was as beautiful as you pictured she would be.

Meanwhile, in the movie she was a very beautiful young lady that had long blonde flowing hair and pretty blue eyes.

Prince Henpecking and Wesley were fighting over her and would do anything to be tit her. Everyone always talks about how beautiful Buttercup Is and she Is probably getting tired of all the comments and she may be getting tired of them. She says, “Enough about my beauty, Everybody always talks about how beautiful I am.

I’ve got a mind, Wesley. Talk about that; (196). The only thing people know her for is her beauty. I know being called beautiful means a lot, but I’m sure it gets old very fast.

But at the same time all Buttercup wants to be recognized for is her knowledge and what she knows. Buttercup wasn’t always the best decision-maker and made plenty f mistakes throughout the book, one being the choice not the bathe. Buttercup was always on the top on the list of being the prettiest young ladies, and she had a lot to look forward with being the prettiest.

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The book said, “She hated to wash her face, she loathed the area behind her ears, she was sick of combing her hair and did so as little as possible” (44).

The Princess Bride Movie Summary

She was slowly but surely beginning to get lose her beauty and others were replacing her, In the movie, I believe that she would still be considered the most beautiful, because there were no other girls in the movie that she had to moment with. Another not-so-smart decision Buttercup made was the choice to marry someone she didn’t even like just to marry them. She states “It wasn’t wrong to marry someone you didn’t like, it Just wasn’t right either” (88), she states that because she didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t want to be with.

People marry people because they love their special someone and want to be with them and not for their money nor whatever else they have to offer. In the movie she doesn’t marry anyone. Prince Henpecking was trying to get her to marry him Instead of being with Wesley, the farm boy. Through the whole story and movie, Buttercup doesn’t have the best relationships with other characters. Most of the relationships she has with other characters are very violent and not a good situation to be In.

However, she has a very sweet, romantic relations Walt Wesley, especially In ten movie slyly Decease you could actually see them and not have to think about it while reading the book. They are perfect for each other. “l can live without love” (188), this was said by Buttercup when she was talking about she had to love someone and the person she loved could NOT die. Living without love is hard, and it’s lonely. Everyone needs someone in their life to depend on so they will have them for them when they need someone to talk to about anything at any time of the day and no matter where they may be in life.

This has to do with Buttercup because she is lonely and needs someone. Something that Buttercup is very happy with is riding her horse. She doesn’t have very strong relationships with people so she chooses the horse because she can get on it and ride it and get away from everything she is going through. That is something she has a good relationship with. Her passion was to ride her horse and taunt the farm boy. The author says, “What she liked to do, preferred above all else really, was to ride her horse and taunt the farm boy’ (44).

Throughout the book she makes me feel like she thinks she is better than everyone else but she doesn’t think she is too good for anyone she Just like to be alone. Buttercup states, “.. L Just like riding by myself, that’s all” (44). I think me and Buttercup have a lot in common considering she likes to be alone and I very much like to be alone and get mistaking to being stuck up and rude because of this. Everyone always thinks she is too good for anyone because she has always been under the light and everyone always caters to her.

But she always keeps people thinking and on their toes. Buttercup and Hummingbird’s relationship is not a loving relationship because they don’t love each other the way Buttercup and Wesley does. Henpecking is nice to Buttercup when she is around him, but behind her back he talks bad about her and contemplates murdering her. Buttercup has a feeling that Henpecking is talking about her behind her back and later on she has a feeling that he didn’t send Wesley to his ship and that he is holding him hostage somewhere.

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