In “My trip to the Land of Gandhi” Martin Luther King states we should help India preserve her soul thus help to save our own. India was struggling with several national problems, and according to this article, Martin Luther King is describing India’s issues and reasoning why we should help them. At the first of this article, Martin Luther King states how he made a trip to India, what he felt from land of India, and people of India.

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Martin Luther King made a trip to India with his wife and his friends by recommendation of Pandit Jawahalal, India’s prime minister, and Chester Bowles, former American ambassador of India.

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Prior to Martin Luther King and his fellows arriving in India, India Newspaper introduced them to people of India, so they were already famous in India. The people of India recognized Martin Luther King and even they asked for autograph. Martin Luther King recognized India had quite a few problems, which are homeless, food shortage, unemployment, and problem of segregation.

Martin Luther King recognized the problem of segregation in India is similar to racism in America, except India called it caste, and America called race.

Two nations reacted to this problem differently. India puts moral power behind their law, but America decline to render a moral judgment on segregation. Like this, Martin Luther King shared the ideas of being a people of colony, which are same as being minority, racialism, and imperialism with people of India. Martin Luther King also recognized that Gandhi’s nonviolence campaign was still ongoing in land of India. The spirit of Gandhi was very much alive in India. Gandhi’s influence felt in almost every aspect of life and public policy.

Based on Gandhi’s teaching, people of India was running nonviolence campaign to resolve their problems; homeless, food shortage, unemployment, and problem of segregation. Although their efforts were starting to pay off on some areas, it wasn’t enough to overturn one specific issue: the ownership of land. They’ve been running a campaign regarding the reformation of land. Mainly they were persuading big land owners to give up the land and letting farmers to develop it. But their problems were not solved just by reforming the land ownership.

India needed outside capital and technical know-how. The main reason Martin Luther King wrote this article was to persuade Americans to help India. He states that India is a tremendous force of peace and nonviolence in both their nationally and world widely. It is a land where the idealists and the intellectuals are yet respected. Martin Luther King believed that for those reason, We, Americans should help India to resolve their problems and it will help us to save our own.

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