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A short quiz Essay

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In today’s society, many are not aware that they fall In a category of personality regarding the “self”. The more one tries to answer the questions about their “self,” the more one beings looking further Into their “self”. From Walker Percy essay, A Short Quiz, the following paragraphs will include explanations of three of Perry’s selves: the cosmological self, the role-taking self, and the scientific and artistic self. The cosmological self can be identified as one of the most common selves in today’s youth. The self is either conscious of itself or only conscious of itself insofar s its identity with a cosmological myth or a classificatory system” (14). In public media, many artist make appearances which leave a large Impact on people. Such include, first, Justine Bibber. He began singing In the corner of streets to catch the attention of those who walked by and ended up selling millions of records by the side of many other famous musical artists. Through the journey of finding his “self”, he brought along his fellow “believers”, or devoted followers.

These followers felt as if identifying themselves as a “believer”, they would receive as well as give some sort of raise or recognition. Not only does the cosmological self apply to one person, but It also applies to a group of people. Take the Dodgers for example. The Dodgers are primarily famous throughout the Hispanic communities but also in California itself since that team has been placed there. As commuters are driving down the freeways in California, they are most likely to drive by a billboard with three large words printed across, “Live, Breathe, Blue”.

Automatically, the word blue is affiliated with the Dodgers, being that their team color is blue. This billboard contrasts two important incepts, living and breathing, to the the color blue,which as discussed appertains to the Dodgers. “The self l’s_. _ only conscious of Itself Insofar as Its Identity with… A classificatory system” (14). In this way, people try to find themselves through the classification of others. And finally, the most common cosmological self, astrological signs. Various question the effect astrological signs have on the readers views of themselves. Astrological signs play a large role in many lives today.

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In a sense, it helps today’s world to find themselves. The key phrase in that sentence Is “in a ensue”. The reality Is that astrological signs, as well as idols such as Justine Bibber and the Dodgers, are only used to fill up the empty space In ones mind which holds the definition of that persons “self”. The second of Percy selves is the role-taking self. “One sociological view of the self is that the self achieves its identity by taking roles and modeling its own from the roles of others” (15). A natural example of this is the relationship between a child and their parent. A child’s first words generally originate from their parents speech.

A arena may consistently ask the child If they want milk, a toy, or even their father. This occasionally results in the development of a child’s first word. As a teenager, they begin to acquire some habits, good and bad, from their parents. This includes speech, organization, and work habits. As an adult, they may choose to raise their child in accordance to their parents early decisions. In all, a child imitating their parent Is typical in the role-taking self. A contrasting “bond” may take place in an employee to trainer setting. As there is no natural, or blood, relation In this type of mains the same.

And finally, the role-taking self between a player and their coach. Not many people have the opportunity to experience the relationship between a player and their coach. It is what is commonly known as “a love/hate relationship. ” The day a player win their match, race, or game, they are in love with their coach. But that love never last longer than two days when that player is back on the field or court wishing they had left the scene when they had the chance. Despite the adversities present in the role-taking self, it provides a template which one can always rely on. The third and final of Perry’s selves is the scientific and artistic self. … That self which is so totally absorbed in the pursuit of art or science as to be selfless. ” (16) To be selfless is “to be concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own. ” (ODD) There are two famous modern artists who fall into this category. The first is Stefan Joanne Germantown, openly known as Lady Gaga. She was rejected many times before finally getting signed on a record deal which eventually led her to her millions. Her selfless led her to this point. She never gave up on herself because he knew that her music would change the lives of many.

The second artist is without a doubt Mile Cyrus. “In the pursuit of art”, she has completely and utterly changed her whole lifestyle. She went from holding teddy bears and dreaming of rainbows to wearing teddy bears and visualizing rainbows. And last but not least the world famous Albert Einstein. His persistence can truly be marked as a perfect example for anyone fighting for what they know is right. Despite all the attempts to put him down and shut him up, Einstein continued to humbly research and discover wonders of the roll while locals roared about his obvious differences to normal society.

True selflessness can be learned from the examples of Albert Einstein as well as Lady Gaga and Mile Cyrus in the scientific and artistic self. Muff have spent a lifetime with yourself, live in the century of the Self, and therefore ought to know yourself best of all” (12). In his essay, Percy mentions that anyone can explore for their true “self” but no one will find it. The cosmological self, the role-taking self, and the scientific and artistic self all reflect Walker Perry’s ideas on how people live and act in today’s culture.

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