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A Review on God of Small Things Essay

Arundhati Roy is an Indian author who is known for her novel “God of Small Things“ which also won the booker prize. This is her one and only novel. Roy took four years (1992-1996) to complete this novel. The major part captures her childhood so it can also be considered as a semi-autobiographical. The novel has no chronological order. The story commences somewhere in the middle of the novel. When we start reading the novel then it is almost the end of it when Rahel returns to Ayemenem from Calcutta. When we begin with it then we find that the narrator is someone else (third person) and at some places we get Rahel`s point of view as well. “Love laws“ have been discussed at many places in the novel that who should be loved and how much. It is an emotionally complex novel because the motivations of the characters are clear. The political setting of the novel is very complex. Actually it was the main reason which forced Roy to write it. Because after that she has not written any other novel and said that she will write another when she will find it necessary. This shows that she does not write as a professional but as a language lover who finds aesthetic pleasure in it.

A true piece of literature is that which reflects its society and has an aesthetic sense as well. These all things can be seen in the novel. The novel reflects the caste dynamics and the communist movement. “ Things which pain you the most are the things you are vulnerable to. “ It tells us that our lives are not in our hands but are governed by some invisible bad things. Forbidden love, tragedy and political problems stay common in the novel. Lets move towards the story first. The story of novel revolves around two fraternal twins and how they are affected by “Love Laws“. The story speaks of the two fraternal twins from their age of 7 till when they get 31 years old. The mother of these twins (Ammu) wants to get rid of her ill-tempered father. She runs away from he…

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