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The Awakening Research Paper Paper

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Paper type: Research paper , Subject: Book Summary

The survivor squints, nods for a while and finally asks timidly: “It’s been while since my ship sank… Could you please build a motorway connecting my lonely island to the mainland and procure an ultraist car which I can use to travel back home? ” The genie furrows his brow, outs and shakes his head, and goes on complaining about all the mess with drying up the ocean, all the concrete he has to fix, and so on, and so on. The survivor, nonplussed, asks again: “You know, dear genie, throughout my whole life one thing was disturbing me much more than any other: comprehending the woman’s nature.

You know, I would really love to know why they have their whimsies, moods, why are they so capricious once in every while… ” The genie raises his hand and cuts in: “Mortal one, do you want a two- or four-lane It’s Incredibly hard to malting an objective tone when writing about an Idea as ridiculous as the point made by Katie Chopin in her novel, “The Awakening”. Although I perceive myself as an open-minded and world-curious person, every tolerance has its limits…

There were moments when I had to resist the urge to put the little brown mom away for good, and only being cognizant of consequences of such action to my English grade made me force myself through the yellowish pages. Why did its content disturb me to the point of patting palm against the forehead and shaking my head In distaste? The main character of the novel, Edna Pointillist leads a comfortable life. A sweet, loving husband, cute children, enormous amounts of money and an extremely large house. Yet with all of this, Edna Is not fulfilled. After six years of marriage to Leonie,

The Awakening Kate Chopin Essay

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Edna feels an ever-growing void In her life and starts a frantic pursuit for something to fill this void with; the pursuit that we have questionable pleasure to see both from inside (her feelings) and outside (reactions of her friends). Tell me that I am chauvinistic, but isn’t marriage based on the concept of mutual agreement to be together in both the thick and thin times? How comes that when men cheat on their wives It Is perceived as a deed of execrableness, whereas the”lengthened” women such as Edna are free to simply get bored with their life’s ratters’ Anita cool main character… De a topic AT another essay, out, coming Deck to cocoon’s novel’s She gives up all of her responsibilities such as taking care of her children when they were sick and she never spent time playing with them. Let alone rejecting her loving husband offers and showing Juvenile boldness as when she breaks a valuable vase or tries to crush the wedding ring. If this shows a contrast between her inner, “awakening” self and the “confining role” she has to play in society, as a mother and a fife.

Then, well, maybe my tiny brain is not capable of comprehending all of this. After the novel “rediscovery’ in 1969, the book has been often praised for its treatment of women’s issue. With Edna being lifted to the rank of an universal all- feminist icon, and posthumous near-reverence of the novel’s author, Kate Chopin, one could see hardly any voices of criticism. The time of adulation, however, passed and now re-readings of the novel tend to criticize its treatment of race and class.

The caged” Edna turns out to be quite an egocentric character, failing to relate her own social confinement to the subordinate status of the faceless black servants in the novel. Time for some so-called final words. Should I be deeply touched in the very end of the book, when our “crippled bird”, Edna Pointillist, commits suicide in the billowing sea mass? Probably. But let me be frank; now it’s my turn to break with the conveyance – I simply wasn’t. I Just rolled my tired eyes, and, muttering something about madden’s fate, turned off the night lamp and fell asleep…

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