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A Pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #1 (P. 1-24) What really stuck out to me as I was reading this, was the well, the obvious rye in Mr. Fortescue’s pocket. Why would something like that be there? I think maybe he feeds pigeons at a park or he might Just like rye, but still… Now onto Inspector Neele. He seems fairly intelligent and he’s able to get information out of people quite easily without them even knowing, as it shows on page 21, it states, “Lance has got guts even if he did risk a criminal prosecution once- ‘Oh dear, I oughtn’t to have said that! This can allow the inspector to hopefully find the murderer.

Anyw?ay, I have a suspect in mind who could have been responsible for the murder. I’m thinking Mr. Percival, his own son! That would be pretty cruel to murder your father. I think it’s him because recently theyVe been arguing due to, as it states on page 20, “Well, Mr.

Fortescue was doing a lot of things Mr. Percival thought unwise. ” You don’t murder someone without reason, they always have a motive and that might be Percival’s. It’s still too early to make accusations, but it’s wise to keep him in mind.

A pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #2 (P. 25-47) In these few pages we get bombarded with many new characters and with new haracters comes new suspects. I doubt it was the butler, Mr.

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Crump or the Chef, Mrs. Crump. I don’t think it was the house maid Mrs. Ellen or Miss. Gladys. Miss. Dove is fairly innocent, but if she wanted she could have pulled off the murder. She’s a very efficient person as she’s in charge of most things. She also does not really care for her employer, as it says on page 32, “IVe no feeling of loyalty to my employers”, so that might be a clue.

In the end I think Miss. Dove most likely is innocent, but we cant be too sure. It could have also been anyone who was eating breakfast with Mr. Fortescue which includes, Mrs. Fortescue, Miss. Fortescue, and Mrs. Val Fortescue. That narrows it down, I don’t think it was Miss. Fortescue or Elaine his daughter. It might be Mrs. Fortesuce, his wife who’s thirty years younger and married for money or Mrs. Val who greatly despises him. It’s hard to exactly pin point someone, but those are my main suspects as of now. A Pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #3 (P. 8-70) Finally we are introduced to Mrs. Fortescue. She’s one of my main suspects. I’m thinking that she killed Mr. Fortescue. Her motive? The money. My logic is quite simple, she killed Mr. Fortescue so that she could inherit all his money, which is quite a lot. That’s Just what I think, there’s no real evidence… yet. Also as it states on page 53, “On her lips was a very faint smile”. So Adele or Mrs. Fortescue Just might be the murderer. We can’t be too sure yet though. I’m confused as to why Percy or Percival is reluctant to tell Inspector Neele of the argument.

Maybe it has something to do with the murder? It can be Percival’s motive, but to kill your own father? That’s a bit outrageous. I’m wonaerlng I T Ms. RamsDottom Is sane. sne seems qulte alrlgnt, all she does is stay in her room. Surely she has nothing to do with the murder? She does despise Rex (Mr. Fortescue) though. It seems like everyone hates Rex as of now. Ms. Ramsbottom, Mrs. Val, Percival, etc. Very shortly Lance the other son will be coming. I think he’ll be a big help in discovering the murderer. A Pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #4 (P. 71-98) Well this part was full of surprises.

I mean, Adele Fortescue has been poisoned! Cyanide to be exact. I thought she might have been a suspect. I casted her as a murderess, but I guess not. Another death was of Gladys the housemaid. Two deaths already? Right after Mr. Fortesuce’s! This was rather surprising, I thought the deaths would have ceased as the inspector is in the house. Whoever it is, they are certainly cunning to be able to pull it off. I infer that Vivian Dubois might have something to do with the murder, but I’m not too sure. This narrows down the suspect even further, yet it seems more puzzling.

Another part that puzzled me was on page 98, it states, “There was a clothes peg clipped on her face”. Is this some kind of twisted Joke from the murderer? This reminds me of the Joker, twisted, but not broken. A pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #5 (P. 99-132) This part has certainly probed my thoughts about the murderer. Obviously he was basing it off the nursery, “Blackbirds”. I doubt it’s all a coincidence. It all fits together perfectly, the king in his counting house, the scones and honey, and the clothes peg. Miss. Marple seems quite intelligent to be able to fgure that out.

I predict that she might be the one to crack the mystery instead of the inspector. After all it is called a “Miss Marple Mystery’, so she maybe more than Just an ordinary character. One thing that’s quite curious is Vivian’s behavior. He’s quite cautious much like Percival. Speaking of Percival, he hasn’t been around much recently which is quite convenient… for him. Could this be a clue? Or is this Just all a fluke? Another thing is the marmalade. Mr. Fortescue was the only one who used it which caused his death as the marmalade had taxine. It had been tampered with, but I wonder who it is?

Clearly that would have made the murder much more efficient. I guess we’ll Just find out further on. A pocket Full of Rye: journal Entry (P. 133-160) Why was Mrs. Val so nervous at the mention of blackbirds? Does she have something to do with putting the blackbirds on Mr. Fortescue’s desk? The blackbirds in the pie also sparked my curiosity. Who would do that? I’m thinking whoever put the blackbirds are also related to the murders. It could be a possibility. Another curious character at the moment is Vivian. He seems very likely to be the murderer. From his point of view, he killed Mr.

Fortescue so he could have Adele, then maybe he killed her then to obtain the money. You never know, “they are very unpleasant people. ” But there’s a fatal flaw, as states on page 159, Adele would not inherit the money if she didn’t survive one month. Maybe it isn’t Vivian. Who could it be? Also about Mr. Fortescue’s illness, GPI would have put his firm under the rocks. Percival has always been a cunning and sly fellow. He’s very passionate about economics and his money. Mayoe ne took out Mr. Fortescue In order to restraln nlm ana save tne Tlrm? Mayoe, that’s definitely a possibility.

I can certainly imagine him planning it all out. It seems to become more puzzling as the story progress, but I’m sure everything will be clear soon. A pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry #7 (P. 161-190) Regarding Mrs. MacKenzie, she’s definitely in the asylum for a reason. She’s almost scary carrying her book with names in it. It reminds me of the show Death Note. I wonder, where her children are. According to her, he died and she doesn’t have a daughter. Apparently she erased her completely. Maybe her daughter is the one responsible for everything? It seems to have become even more complex than before.

Also on page 190, how can Miss. Marple be sure that there’ll be no more murders? Does she know something that the inspector doesn’t? She does seem fairly intelligent, but then again so is the inspector. One thing that I’m surprised about is Lance going into the business. He doesn’t seem like the type to wear a suit and go to work in an office every day. Mentioning that, why is Percival so against Lance Joining him? Shouldn’t he be happy he now has extra help? Then again he does despise Lance, but I can shake off the feeling that Percival may have something to do with this hole scenario.

You never know, he seems like a slippery fellow. A pocket Full of Rye: Journal Entry (P. 191-239) First things first, I can’t believe it was Lance! It’s crazy, I never even suspected him! I thought he was going to be the good guy in this story and his brother Percival was bad. Lancelot Fortescue murder Rex Fortescue, Gladys Martin, and Adele Fortescue all so that he could obtain money. That is very wicked and as they say, “wickedness won’t go unpunished. ” Who would have actually thought that he would be the suspect? I do admire his bravery to go and commit such a thing and his intelligence to actually lan this all together.

A mastermind wouldn’t even be able to come up with a devious plan like this. It Just shows how intelligent Miss. Marple is to be able to come up with this. I underestimated her abilities. I do feel bad for Pat and Gladys though. Pat really loved Lance, but will she after she finds out about all of this? Also Gladys, she was well not entirely innocent, but she didn’t deserve to die! He basically used her to complete his scheme. Even though Lance committed all of this, I can’t really look at him as being evil. Maybe its respect, I mean I wouldn’t have ever thought it was him. He’s truly an evil genius.

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