Career Changes on the Rise

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A number of people are increasingly changing their careers during their working life. Do you think this is positive or negative development? What reasons this tendency may have? It has become very common for people to change their careers, nowadays. Many people tend to be more attracted towards those careers which give higher salaries and incentives. This is the root cause, why people are shifting their interest to more oppurtunistic jobs. The reasons to change professions may be for personal, geographical, socio-economic and socio-cultural growth and stability.

This trend of changing and choosing more perspective and beneficial careers, over jobs which have less opportunities and salaraies, is growing. Job market has been affected tremendously by this. Like everything else, its effects are both negative and positive on people, and their businesses. Firstly, the choice of career changing has improved a person’s life. While, on the other hand, it has left lower level jobs in adverse conditions. Such jobs are left more, for the prosperity found in other jobs.

For instance, If a childcarer leave the profession for another career.

A less deserving person may be appointed on behalf of him. Because in this job the wages are less than average compared with other such professions, fewer people join this field. This can lead to unguided care, provided to the children, by an unprofessional. Moreover, If a person decides to change his career, he will have to commit a lot of time into understanding about the second career he has choosen.

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In addition, an increased amount of pressure will be on the person, after changing his profession due to the competition in the job market.

On the other hand, however, if a person is genuinely intrested in something else than he is doing, then he may have less difficulties adapting the new career. But, overall the fluctuations by this rapid shift of people changing their careers, will harm the job market. Therefore, it can be said in the light of above discussion, that this trend of changing careers in people, is bad for the job market. Last but not the least, In my opinion, the career change may produce better results for the person, but it has devastating impact on the business market, at large.

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Career Changes on the Rise
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