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A Modern Technology is not always a Good Choice Paper

Victoria Magana Rdg 52 December-05-2012 My Education My education is one of the most important things in my life. I think that is the base of the life to successful and to be someone important in the future. I was starting my education in Mexico. I’m going to kinder garden in “Heroes del Chapultepec. ” I loved going out to lunch and run with my little friends, I was very athletic; this is what I liked about my kinder garden. Sincerely overall there’s nothing that I don’t liked it from kinder garden. After kinder garden I continued at Mexico too in primary was a 6 ears there at “Miguel F.

Martinez. ” For me was one of the best time because is the time of our lives where we learned many things of the life, the best. I didn’t like because there were “reports” and they called your parents to tell them about your citizenship, three reports and we get out the school. Secondary was more difficult for me, but I met good friends there and I think they are not my bests friends but I know that they will be there for me. My secondary was a private school, “Instituto Mexico” and was intesting because is about Catholics.

Every morning we prayed, and always hen a class was to begin, we must pray. That was a three years of a good experience in my life. I liked when we go to spirituals retreats. The whole day we were prayed. We had a sentence that said: “Todo a Jesus por Maria, Todo a Maria para Jesus” was like the principal sentence of the institute. And the finished with secondary I come here to San Diego to study high school in “Southwest High School” I started in 10th grade and for me was super different, the classes, classrooms, teachers, students, school everything.

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For me was a new experience in my life verybody in their tree. Coming lunch and everybody knows where will be they friends, that’s was very funny. I loved the assemblys, when we scrammed to win senior vs. Juniors and everybody with everybody but the happiest moment was my graduation, class of 2011. Sadness but at the same time happiness. In high school everything was cool. Well I hated detention and Saturday school. This is a little of my education life, and then of all of this continuing with the college, where I get my general classes and where I met the best teacher ever, Mr. Lynch.

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