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“A man, woman and child” Review Paper

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Essay on “A man, woman and child”

Once upon a husband and wife. They grew up two charming daughters. The couple considered themselves perfect pair. Until one day in a quiet family life did not burst into the past. So Erich Segal novel “Man, woman and child” begins.

Bob Beckwith madly in love with his wife Sheila. However, one day, he still betrayed her with another woman. It was a momentary weakness, which the professor would never have thought of. A woman living in France, he is – in the United States. It would seem that they do not bind.

But one phone call changes everything. Bob learns that after the affair that he had a son. Not only that, the boy’s mother had recently died. And besides Bob the child no one else to take care of. It will inevitably be sent to an orphanage …

What do I do? How to tell the story of his beloved wife many years ago, how to explain all the children? Is the ideal family of Bob, who envied and admired all around, collapses?

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I just could not tear myself away from the book. Constantly tormented by the question: what will happen next? In addition, Erich Segal wrote very easily, so that the pages are flipped on their own.

When I heard what Sheila decision was made, it was just admiring her courage. Not every woman will dare to take in her husband’s house a child from another woman. However, everything is just beginning with this step. What awaits the heroes of the book? Will be able to if they survive?

I will not disclose the contents of those who suddenly want to read this book. Let’s just say that Erich Segal once again Myung did not disappoint. Simple, sincere and very life story touched the soul. Forced smile and sad along with the characters

As well, in a stock I have another book of his -. “Classmates» !

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