The Man Who Knew Everything

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Essay on “A man who knew everything”

First saw the film.

It is common in Hollywood, when a character receiving supertsatsku getting dumber by the order. Hey, here I am in his place … the world would be doomed. “Big Boy”, played by Beroev, is initially a complete failure. More blunt nowhere.

It seems that “Brokeback fix only the grave.” At that light does not hit, but the (super) tchotchke “hero” perepala.

And he ordered a wonderful gift? I do get rid of the pain? Was a great man?

The Man Who Knew Everything

The film caught, really.

Forced to worry about Bezukladnikova. Do not be afraid to write what he saw himself, or rather of who might be a misunderstanding.

So what I’m all about the movie and what about the movie?

Just in the film strongly (!) offset accents, as compared with a book. And I would say not for the better.

Look at Gusev format BDSM certainly fun but in general remains aftertaste unhappy despair.

Hopelessness, beautifully played by talented actors. About the film I write for those who ponders whether to read a book to read or not. Best film at first, and then be sure to read.

The book is flying in one breath. Per night swallowed. Disclosed arguments and reasons, a lot of small details that are doomed to remain behind the scenes. And just to reduce the time a lot of cut on a course of action.

And, lo and behold, the storyline is ridiculous ragged in the film is very interesting continuation.

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In addition to the story, pleased with the author’s style . From some of the metaphors, but still so well woven into the thread taut, just beat in ecstasy.

Definitely I put 5 stars for the story with stress fracture of characters and literary fanservis .

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