Muslim Birth Rites Ceremony

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Moslems have some really simple rites for welcoming a kid.

The babe ‘s first gustatory sensation should be something sweet, so parents may masticate a piece of day of the month and rub the juice along the babe ‘s gums. It was a pattern carried out by the Prophet Muhammad and is believed to assist bantam digestive systems to kick in.

There are a figure of events that take topographic point on or after the 7th twenty-four hours.

After seven yearss the babe ‘s caput is shaved ( a tradition besides carried out by Hindus ) . This is to demo that the kid is the retainer of Allah. Although Hindus may take the babe ‘s hair to India and spread it in the sanctum river Ganges, Muslims weigh it and give the tantamount weight in Ag to charity.

Ideally, Muslim babe male childs are circumcised when they are seven yearss old although it can take topographic point any clip before pubescence. It is besides tradition to take a name for the babe on the 7th twenty-four hours.

The aqeeqah is besides traditionally carried out on the 7th twenty-four hours. This is a jubilation which involves the slaughter of sheep. Sheep are sacrificed ( in Britain the meat is ordered at the meatmans ) and the meat is distributed to relations and neighbors and besides given to the hapless.

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The reaching of a new babe is a affair of great joy for any household. For the Muslims, this occassion is described as “ glad newss from Allah ” in the Holy Quran. Hence Muslims welcome the new babe in an ‘ehsan ‘ manner ‘ . This means that the birth of a babe is celebrated in a manner that is prescribed by the dictates of Shariah and the traditions of the Holy Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allah upon him ) .

~Dua for the new born baby~

The birth of a babe is a ground to observe, to joy and to thank Allah for His Blessings. To compliment Muslim parents upon the birth of the babe, it is mustahib ( preferable act ) to state:

“ You have been blessed in what you have been given. May you give thanks to the One who granted it. May your kid reach adulthood and right-guidance, and may Allah do him/her a approval for you. “

~Welcoming the baby~

It is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger ( peace and approvals of Allah upon him ) to demo letdown over the sex of the babe. In pre-Islamic epoch, the birth of a girl was greeted with plaints of suffering and sorrow. Sons were much preferred and pre Islamic Arab male parents used to bury their infant girls in sand. This pattern has non changed much in some civilizations but as Muslims we should cognize that boies and girls both are approvals from Allah.

The act of ungratefulness and harbouring evil ideas for the guiltless babe has been declared a wickedness in the Holy Quran. The preferable act is to ask after the babe ‘s wellness and general well being and so thank Allah in these words

“ All congratulations and thanks for Allah, Lord of all creative activity ” . ( Bukhari )

~Azan in the ear~

After the babe is cleaned and dressed, a male grownup normally the male parent or a gramps recites adhan ( call for supplication ) in the right ear and iqamah ( proclamation for get downing the supplication ) in the left ear. Hence, the first sound that reaches the ears of the neonate is the call to Allah and the testimony that Allah is Great. The sound of the adhan besides keeps the little babe safe from immoralities by driving Satan off.


It is in the tradition of Holy Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allah be upon him ) to offer the Tahneek to the babe. For “ tahneek ” a day of the month or a sweet thing like honey is softened and placed in the neonate ‘s oral cavity. This act is followed by invocation to Allah to bless the babe.

~Naming the baby~

Many parents decide the name of the babe before the birth if they have ascertained the babe ‘ sex beforehand. Some parents maintain two names in head, one for the male and the other for the female progeny. It is allowable to call the babe right after his birth or delay for seven yearss. The name must hold a good significance. It is customary amongst the Muslims to call their babe after the properties of Allah, His Prophetss who came before Prophet Muhammad, the names of Prophet Muhammad, his baronial comrades and other pious personalities. The babe should non be named after those who defied Allah and His Messengers.

~Aqeeqah and Circumcision~

The Prophet Muhammad ( peace and approvals of Allah be upon him ) said: “ For the male child there should be an ‘aqeeqah. Slaughter ( an animate being ) for him and take the harmful thing [ i.e. , the foreskin ] from him. “

January 1 is besides compulsory in instance of a male child and should be done every bit shortly as possible.

The new born babe ‘s caput is besides shaved and an sum of Ag equal to the weight of his hair is given to the hapless.

For the “ aqeeqah ” , Muslims forfeit two sheep for a boy and a individual sheep for a girl. The meat can be distributed amongst household members or the same can be cooked and everybody invited to a banquet to observe this event. Gifts and money are normally given by friends and household members to the proud and happy parents on this happy juncture.

Two rites accompany the birth of a kid. First, the Call to Prayer is whispered into the neonate ‘s right ear as the first sound it hears. This act symbolically brings the babe into an consciousness of Allah from the first minute of life. This is accompanied by reading from the Quran and other little rites.

Second, after a few daysaa‚¬ ” imposts in some states specify seven daysaa‚¬ ” a appellative ceremonial is held. At a assemblage of household and friends, the kid is officially given a name, and frequently a lock of hair is cut from its caput. This is frequently accompanied by other rites, such as a repast, forfeits, readings from the Quran, and so on. On rite frequently practiced is that of almsgiving. The babe is weighed and an tantamount sum in Ag is given to charity.

The naming ceremonial besides serves as an entryway rite for those who convert to Islam subsequently in life. During it, they receive an Islamic name, normally in Arabic, and seen to be freshly born into the religion.

Muslim belief holds that all males should be circumcized, although at what point in a childaa‚¬a„?s life this happens is non specified. It is frequently performed when the male child is still a yearling. Traditionally, the Circumcision was accompanied by a jubilation, while today is often takes topographic point in a infirmary clinic.

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