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“A little sun in cold water” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “A little sun in cold water”

“Material as used musician and painter is poor compared with the word. The word is not only music, gentle, like music viola or lute, not only – paint, vibrant and luxurious as those that fascinate us in the paintings of the Venetians and the Spaniards; not only plastic form no less clear and precise than those that are open to us in marble and bronze, – they have both thought and passion and spirituality. All this is in some words. ” Oscar Wilde

If you own such a word, then you possess a reader !!! Yes, that’s so loud, I declare that Sagan owns me and for a long time

I’m almost all her novels read, but this one -. “A little sun in cold water …” – was served to me as exquisite dessert to a luxurious “the treat” by Francoise.

from the first lines of the novel “immersed in the pain” of thirty-five men, or physical and emotional … the pain was growing more and more and, in some moment, I became short of breath from her, I was “crook” for real, I thought that can not stand … But when you begin to understand its cause, as a doctor, a sudden hope comes, that all is not lost ….

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A man once distinguished by a rare beauty, which, however, never realized, although it enjoyed a fun, captivating and women, and men, the last – disinterested. Clever, perceptive, as tribute to the first-class journalist. Still the darling of women – the girlfriend-model magazine “Vogue”; friend – loyal and understanding, the city of Paris. What else do you need?!

But life is leaving, “like blood flowing from the wound secret, time does not go, and disappear somewhere …”

The doctor, “slipped “friend, throws up his hands, and then, as the proverb -” each cause to cry, but to teach “:

– one day, you wake up in the morning cheerful as a finch, the same as before … ., or to put a bullet in the forehead

The bullet had passed … and was “moaning with laughter, from himself and life psycho psycho …”

– and why no one laughs ?

“it is strange, he did not even notice how his face flowing warm, quiet, inexhaustible tears …”

Mo beloved province, the French again, with its simple people, the same as in every village of the world.

The sister of the hero, her husband, their friends and … Mr. Case.

first he saw her, then “see himself through the eyes of this woman – a free, bold, new frivolous and self-confident, he had been all his life.” “No, he is not recovered, and now he was ill twice”. The main was a “hot passion of Natalie, Natalie pit on the neck, where he buries a person falling asleep, Natalie unceasing tenderness, deep its truthfulness and his boundless confidence in it”

Happiness …

If there was a spasm of-call in the transition from pain to joy, then we would be able to remember it? Or do we not call, and the sound of bells need reminding of just gone through a mountain? Maybe then we could think about the fragility of happiness … and started to take care of him ….

Happy event – a migratory bird: do not let go ….


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