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A Harvard Business School Essay Standards Paper

Each students aiming at entering the HBS has to be familiar with the Harvard Business School essay standards. Compilation of this type of academic paper is a compulsory demand for each applicant. To write a winning paper, one needs to get familiar with the standards and main requirements. Primarily, it is necessary to get acquainted with the nature of the assignment. By its nature, it resembles the motivational letter which is always added to the standard set of applicant documents. It is descriptive and may imply info describing the achievements, aims, and plans of the applicant. Harvard Business School essay is far from the usual understanding of a motivational letter or descriptive essay. It is a complex assignment demanding serious approach from a student.

A motivational letter can influence the choice of the committee greatly. That is why a student should pay many efforts and take care of a paper to make it properly written. In this assignment, an applicant has to describe his achievements and goals he reached currently. He can also implement info that characterizes his strength. Mentioning one’s weaknesses will also be an advantage. People respect those, who can critically assess oneself. Students can even mention their sources of motivation and discuss the factors, which influenced their choice of a higher education institution. Exists no standards of content. Originality and unique approach are the advantages for a student. With the help of a properly written motivation letter, a person can get a place at HBS and make one’s dreams come true!

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harvard business school essay

How to write HBS essay

Each type of written assignment has its structural and content standards. A writer working on a delivery of a specific paper has to take into account all the important details to compile an essay in accordance with all rules. A Harvard Business School essay is a type of the assignment which by its nature resembles a motivation letter. It should be attention-grabbing, effective and informative to enable the student to convince the admission committee to accept him or her. It is important to take into consideration one’s target audience. Judging from it, one has to compile his or her document.

A target audience, which is going to receive one’s Harvard Business School essay is going to read hundreds of students essays. However, your task is to compile a unique text that will be attention-grabbing and informative. You have to provide a number of strong arguments explaining that you are the one deserving a place in HBS. All the info you present should be perfectly polished. Try to write an essay that can impress you personally. Apart from that, you need to formulate a catchy title. It will help to attract the attention of the committee and distinguish your paper from a variety of available variants.

All in all, while working on a compilation of this type of task you have to apply creative thinking and your original ideas. The great strategy will be to demonstrate the ability to think outside the box and approaching the life situations taking non-standard decisions. Do not forget to be odd, however, try not to exaggerate too much. Share your experience, demonstrate your achievements and describe your strength and weakness. All in all, being genuine and truthful is the best way to persuade the admission committee.

Structure and content demands of the HBS essay

Concerning the formatting peculiarities, Harvard Business School essay has to comprise an opening paragraph, body paragraphs, and a closing section. Each of these parts has its content specificities. Before moving to the very writing part, try to comprise an outline and plan your writing. Note a number of statements to have the body for your future essay. Choose interesting facts and experiences to enhance your essay only with the relevant info.

Now you are ready to move to the introduction compilation. Start with an attention-grabbing statement. Bear in mind the fact the hook sentence will set the tone for the future writing. The next statement should provide the background. A target reader should be able to get the main sense, and you have to prepare him to get the main info. Set the scene and make the reader interested in the material. Write a clear thesis motivating your intention to enter the HBS.

The following step is the creation of the main body section. You have to enhance it with the description of your achievements, experiences, and plans for the future. Try to explain the admission committee officer that you are the one, who deserves the place at HBS and you will pay for all the efforts to do your best. Enhance the section with real-life examples and proves.

The last step is a compilation of a concluding part. The conclusion has to sum up all the info presented. It should serve as a sense-loaded and logical ending for your Harvard Business School essay. It should call a pleasant feeling after the target reader finishes reading it. All in all be clear and concise. Stick to the notes made in your outline. Do not make the text to overloaded. Try to be brief but relevant – you will succeed!

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