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“a great country” Review Essay

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Paper type: Review

Essay on “a great country”

Surprisingly easy book in terms of reading – both in content and design. The author carefully break up the text on the cupola size of one page which clicked like seeds

At the beginning of readings from humor abundance impression that I was sitting in a concert of Mikhail Zadornov, blended with the next release of “Our Rashi”:.

“- Why do you, Russian, think that you are smarter than everyone else

Maggie reflect and find the right answer:

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– probably because it is so ?.

it turned out to be Thomson nothing to cover, and he said nothing more mile and a half “

” -. But why, fucking shit, here smotre the road ?! This is, I guess, you should be in Russian village oyanno watch the road, because on it every half-mile swamp, then slide the glacier, then pops up the polar bear! And here (in America), you can sleep at eighty miles, sleep five o’clock and wake up in Texas, and then only because that you shove a burger in the box at full speed … “

However, as you read you know that the author is not so superficial joker and the text begin wedded, despite the continuing ease of style, fairly accurate and sometimes sad thoughts about our Russian soul.

Why not put the book “Excellent” and only “good”? I am convinced that the author’s talent would allow him to write a really good book in the spirit of “one-storey America” ​​by Ilf and Petrov (which is possible, somewhere somehow expected), but, as for me, eccentric story with the main character accidentally had replaced the floor and lost his memory, and sometimes haunting humor is not very far from rising above the waist, a few understated the value of the “Great country”.

In general, the book to read I recommend. More than one or two of reading it will not take evenings, and between serious literature may not be the empty crisp dessert …

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