Who is a Bad Roommate or Good Rommate

A bad roommate in my opinion is someone who has little respect for personal space and belongings. They will consider cleanliness as any part of their style from the kitchen to the shared restroom, and everything in between its all Just one large mess! Also I have noticed bad roommates can become bothersome by the level of noise they create. Whether loud voices or bumping music from a set of speakers, It became a really big problem for me especially at 2 a.

M. In the morning.

My First Roommate

I lived with that seemed like a problem that would never end! Another annoyance of a bad roommate is when he/she becomes unreliable. For example not having the money for the bills on the date they are due, or when the person fulfill their end of an agreement It becomes frustrating. Not only could It possibly affect your credit, but It also causes a stressful situation for the responsible roommate. Good roommate on the other hand has the qualities that you would consider a good friend to possess.

It is better to find someone to room with that Is compatible with your needs.

What is A Good or Bad Roommate for Me

Especially when it comes to cleanliness, animals, smoking, and even potential guests that may be coming through your house. A good roommate will always have respect for others wishes since it is not just their house alone. Good roommates also tend to give off a friendly vibe. You want to live with someone that is easy to communicate with so that there is no barrier between the two people.

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If you cannot communicate with your roommate then you might find out that your living in an unhealthy environment.

Most importantly a good roommate has to be trustworthy.

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Who is a Bad Roommate or Good Rommate
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