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A Dolls House Study Guide Paper

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The fact that Nora pays the porter twice shows Norm’s wasteful habit, foresee downing that this might lead to problems in the future. 2. It also shows that Nora is obedient to Heeler in front of him,but it also show s another side Norm’s character as she continues to get what she wants behind his back. 3. Helmet’s pet names for Nora were: little lark, little squirrel, little spends whirr, and little feathered. These names show Nora as little in the eyes of Heeler giving her quality sees of animal. 4.

Heeler shows to be a person who prefers to save money and avoid fro spending his money recklessly, He also believes in a life of no debt and no borrowing. Nora believe sees that money is for spending. Such a nature that she has inherited from her father. She also think S that she is allowed to spend more money now that Heeler is getting a job promotion, and getting g a bigger salary sum. 5. How does this set up a framework for future action? This starts to make this the plot. We already know that Nora likes to spend m none too much, and can’t save anything.

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Hemmer is a man that doesn’t like to borrow MO nee, This is what think is going to be the problem and what’s going to be the problem in t e play. 6. What does Norm’s flirtatious behavior suggest about her relationship with Hell Nora and Heeler have a stable relationship, and they also sometimes have a serious and true relationship. Heeler also cares and criticizes her habit of spending none y too much. 7. What literary element is used when Heeler refers to Norm’s father, and what does Heeler say about the father? Heeler uses a simile to compare Norm’s money spending problem habits to h re dad.

He consider Nora to be “an odd little soul” who always finds some new way of get ting money out of him. Heeler also says that once she has money it “seems to melt in her hands” similar to her father. 8. What does the reader learn when Heeler raises the subject of sweets, saying “Hasn’t Miss Sweetshop been breaking rules in town today”? Heeler has actually prohibited Nora from eating sweetmeats, as he believes t hat it will ruin her teeth. Furthermore, she lies to him as she denies having to have taken a b tie or two on a macaroon. 9.

When the family was short Of money, what did Nora do so they could all Caleb rate Christmas? What does this symbolize, and what does it suggest about her chaw acted? Nora sat in a room for a full three weeks beforehand, evening until long after midnight so that she could make ornaments for their Christmas tree. Norm’s doesn’t want the family to lose out on anything due to money problems, and will do anything to everyone e can have a good time. 10. What does the reader infer about the Heeler family choice to have servants even when they are in tight economic circumstances?

Given their circumstances, the fact that the Heeler family still chooses to have e servants can mean wealth, class and luxury, and could also say the heeler family likes to live a comfortable life. 11. When the doorbell rings, why does Heeler say, “If it is a caller, remember that I am not at home”? He believes most of his visitors arrive for requests about their financial dispose Zion and especially since he has recently been appointed at a high post in the bank, 12. How is Norm’s clandestineness illustrated in her initial conversation with Mrs.. Lined? He shares the perfect stories in order to maintain reputation and class in socio TTY. 13. More exposition occurs when Nora discusses Helmet’s early career with Mrs.. Lined. What does the reader learn about Helmet’s career? He used to be a barrister but will start to work at a bank in the New Year. Did not get much work as uncertain thing but he will start to receive more money as he assume s the job at the bank 14. What behavioral problem does Mrs.. Lined chide Nora about? Mrs.. Lined chides Nora for her money spending problems. 15. What does Nora reveal about how she and Heeler have managed financially?

How did they raise the money needed to go to Italy for his health? What is significant about her comments? Nora says that both of them worked. Heeler was a lawyer, however since he didn’t earn enough money at his office, so he chose to leave, when Nora and he got Mari De. Heeler overworked himself in order to provide for the family and fell critically ill. Nor a says she got money from her dad before he died to travel to Italy. 16. What does Mrs.. Lined admit about her marriage? She admits that she married her suburban for the money and there was no I eve in their relationship. 7. Why has Mrs.. Lined come to Norm’s house? Mrs.. Lined went to Norm’s house in search of help from her husband in either finding a job. 18. Mrs.. Lined says to Nora, . You know so little of the burdens and troubles of life. What literary devices are used here? Mrs.. Lined uses exaggeration to make her point about Norm’s experience of the e true world and reality. 19. What is Mrs.. Linden’s initial reaction as Nora begins to reveal the source of the 250 pounds? What does this conversation reveal about the status of women? Mrs..

Lined is baffled when Nora starts to reveal the source of the 250 pounds and begins to wonder where she got it from if it wasn’t from her father. Mrs.. Lined states that t “a wife cannot borrow without her husband’s consent, which says that women hold a lower status in society than their husband or any man 20. Nora gives Mrs.. Lined a summary of the source of the funds. In terms of the ” wellhead play,” why is this important? This is relative as a ‘Wellhead play/’ usually contains a strong and climatic bull UDP based on the suspense between characters through secrets and misunderstanding. Hen Nora reveals the truth of the money to Mrs.. Lined. It triggers the climatic and turning g point events. 21. How has Nora managed her own finances to address her debts? Nora has saved a bit up, she has also saved up by buying the simplest and chi pests stuff and saving the rest to pay her interests and installment payment. 22. Why has Norm’s work copying documents been so important? Copying documents has been very important for Nora, as she follows this job as her way for income and money last Christmas in order to pay off debts, 23. What dangers exist in Norm’s employment? Here are several tasks to perform in her employment so she loses track of the e money she has paid back,the remainder she owes continues to increase due to quarterly interests. 24. At this point in the play, where is the power allocated among Heeler, Nora, a ND Mrs.. Lined? At this moment in time, most of the power is allocated between Heeler and Mrs.. Lined in imprison to Nora. Heeler, because he is unaware of a Norm’s secret, which could destroy their family simply because of Helmet’s high moral values, hence why Nora has kept the borrowing of the money a secret in fear of the consequences.

Mrs.. Lie need also has a fair share of power as she is let in on Norm’s secret and can use this to harm the Heeler family or blackmail Nora into getting her a job at Tortilla’s bank. After borrow Eng without her husband’s consent, lying to her husband and getting a job to pay off the prove us debts, Nora seems to be quite powerless and subdued by the fear of Heeler and his reaction to re past actions which she is afraid might have dire consequences. 25. Who is Sarasota? Sarasota is a lawyer who suffers from great disrepute due to his past.

He is CLC closely related to the Heeler family as Nora had previously borrowed money from him in or deer to pay for her husband’s treatments and the family trip to the south. He is currently w irking at a very low post at the bank, which Dorval is due to join and feels threatened due to the arrival of Mrs.. Lined. He blackmails about revealing her secrets if she refuses to help hi m retain his position at the bank. For a first interaction with the audience, Sarasota pea s to be off very menacing and sinister character, which could possibly be a threat to the Heeler family. 6. What else could Sarasota possibly come to the Heeler home to discuss? Sarasota keeping in mind that he is aware of Norm’s dark secret, could have c mom to the Heeler home to discuss a raise or a promotion at the bank, which if he doses ‘t attain with Tortilla’s help, he will force Nora to manipulate her husband. He says he has come to discuss “bank business” but he could use Dorval to help gain back his reputed ion in society. 27. What does the reader learn when Nora and Mrs.. Lined discuss Sarasota? The reader learns that Sarasota was once a “solicitor’s clerk” in Mrs..

Linden’s to win, through which she has heard of him. We also learn that Sarasota had a very unhappy marriage and is now a widower and single parent. A sense of vagueness is noted when Mrs.. Lined say “he carries on various kinds of business,” but doesn’t give detail about this. The is implies that he leads a private and a possibly immoral life and indulges in fraudulent buss news. 28. What is revealed in the conversation between Dry. Rank and Mrs.. Lined? It is revealed that in society in the earlier days, women were expected to be y nouns and vilely and not work.

Dry. Rank taunts Mrs.. Lined of having “some slight internal weakness” when she states she “can’t manage stairs well. ” Furthermore he shows disbelief fee when she explains she hasn’t come to town to “amuse” herself with “entertainments,” b UT in fact ‘to kick for work. ” 29. What can the reader infer from Norm’s question as to whether “all the people who are employed in the Bank” are now “dependent on Dorval”? The nature of Norm’s question shows that she likes when Dorval has power a ND has people depend on him.

Her overjoyed reaction to the Doctors answer shows that SSH e wants this to e the case as Ton,’lad had previously said that living with debt means you are dependent on someone and your life is not your own, and with having people dependent on Dorval, it shows that he IS in power. This could also introduce her situation with the per son she previously borrowed money from to take the trip to the south. This also intro educes the theme of power as it is constantly iterated that power is greatly appreciated I n their society, and Nora believes that this could be a good thing for her family after their tribe ululations. 30.

What is important about Norm’s offer of macaroons to Dry. Rank? Norm’s offer of macaroons to Dry. Rank show that she either shares a good real actions IP with him that she is allowing her secret of purchasing macaroons to be revealed. O r secondly, she is in a mood to celebrate news and hence does so. She provides Dry. Rank with something sweet to distract him, even though she knows that she is behaving irresponsibly and sharing forbidden sweetmeats with Dry. Rank. 31. How does Nora manage the conversation when she asks her husband to give Mrs.. Linden job? Nora approaches the subject very carefully and emphasizes the fact that Mrs..

Lined “has taken a long journey in order to see” Dorval. After this she uses persuasive la engage and praises Heeler in order manipulate and convince him into giving Mrs.. Lined a job. She praises both of them by saying, “Christine is tremendously clever at bookkeeper inning” as well emphasizing the fact that she is “anxious to work under some clever man. ” The techniques helped to convince Dorval into considering helping Mrs.. Lined. 32. Why is Norm’s management of the conversation significant? Norm’s management of this conversation was significant as it depicts her pop re and influence over Dorval.

Through this, the audience sees her ability to manipulate ate Dorval: his could also be a foreshadowing of another incident where she may be for cede to manipulate Dorval in order to keep her family in accord. This also shows that Dorval loves Nora a lot, as he allows her to direct his decisions in a society where women a re generally considered inferior and disallowed from making decisions or conducting the m generally. This also shows that Nora has been able to maintain Tortilla’s trust and Balkan CE a healthy relationship. 33. Why does Ibsen insert a scene of Nora romping with her children?

The insertion of the scene of Nora romping with her children depicts Nora as young and lawful character who cares about her children very much. Her children adore her and this portrays her as a motherly figure that is dollied by her children. This support s the fact that she cares about her family as she has kept the debts a secret and is paying the me off individually in order to avoid any further strain to her husband. The placemen t of this scene also helps to lighten the mood of the play and comes across as a “calm before the storm,” as after this it is revealed to us that Nora is indebted to Sarasota. 4. What is Crossroad’s relationship with Nora? Sarasota is Norm’s moneylender and provides her money for the family to tar el to Italy in order to provide Dorval with the required treatment to save his life. Nora lied to Sarasota and forged her father’s signature on the official documents, which is later disc overfed by Dorval, who uses this secret to better his position at the bank with Norm’s hell p. He uses this crime to blackmail her into convincing Dorval to help him gain his repute Zion in society. 35. What is ironic about the following conversation?

Nora : When anyone is in a subordinate position, Mr.. Sarasota, they should really b e careful to avoid offending anyone who-?who-? Sarasota : Who has influence? This conversation appears to be very ironic as Nora implies that Sarasota is in the subordinate position when dealing with bank matters with Dorval, hence she demands respect and warns him to be careful not to offend anyone, in this case herself, if he is expecting any changes with his situation at the bank and hoping to receive he Ip from Dorval.

This is contradictory, as it has just been revealed that Sarasota know s that Nora forged her father’s signature on the loan documents, which gives Sarasota the e apprehend and the position to blackmail Nora who is seen as the subordinate in that mat term. Sarasota can use this to get Nora in trouble and hence, Nora should be really careful n tot to offend Sarasota since he has the evidence and influence to destroy her life. 36. What is discordant about Crossroad’s request that Nora influence Heeler in the e matter of Crossroad’s job? 37. Why does Sarasota think he is being fired?

Sarasota believes that he will be fired as he saw Mrs.. Lined walk with Dorval and thinks that he is going to get her a job at the bank in order to replace Sarasota. Grog stand has a mindset that Dorval has the ability to influence decisions at the bank, cousin erring he will be asking up the post of the bank manager. Furthermore, this fear arises from the e thought that Dorval and him do not share the best working relations; hence his job at the bank is at risk. 38. In another example of exposition, what does Sarasota reveal about himself?

Sarasota reveals to Mrs.. Heeler that he too on one incident, had committed a fraudulent act which was “nothing more or nothing worse” than what she had done. He also reveals that this indiscretion, what he considers himself guilty of was “one false step, which h lost him all his reputation. ” Hence, in order to gain back his reputation, he is willing to go extents in order to secure his position at the bank and regain his reputation in society. 39. What does Sarasota mean when he says, “l have the means to compel you’?

Sarasota tries to insinuate that due to Norm’s forgery of the signature and the fraud, which she committed when attempting to borrow the money, he has the power to manipulate her and force her to do things that she may disagree to. Furthermore, since Torts Id doesn’t know that Nora approached Sarasota to borrow money for their trip, he cool d tell him causing disrepute to Nora. This example is seen when he tries to get Nora to c involve Dorval to secure his position at the bank, otherwise he threatens to reveal he r wallet secret.

Through these means, Sarasota is going to compel Nora into doing HTH nags for his benefit, even if she disagrees to, as he currently has vital information that has the power to destroy her family and ruin her life and reputation in the society. 40. What is Norm’s reaction? Nora begins to panic and is afraid that if she doesn’t comply with Crossroad’s w ashes, he will reveal her secret to Dorval.

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