Bad Hair Day Solutions Entertainment Speech

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Essay Example on Bad Hair Day Solutions Entertainment Speech

A bad hair day I can never forget how my mom embarrassed me when I was in fourth grade. My mom had Just finished her training from beauty school and wanted to practice on giving haircuts. One day after school I had no choice but became the first of hers. She said my hair was too long to take care of and she had to cut my hair today because she was tired of seeing my hair everywhere in the house.

I agreed with her and decided it was time to let go of my pony tail. She grabbed a chair from the dining room and laid out all the professional tools she bought from beauty school.

Essay Example on Bad Hair Day Solutions Entertainment Speech

As soon as I sat down on the chair she quickly pinned a shiny black cape at my neck and picked up a comb and a spray bottle.

“l learned how to do the famous Audrey Hepburn pixie crop in Roman holiday,” She said while combing through my hair and spraying cold water on it. The next thing I noticed was she took a huge chunk of hair on my left side and sniped off right above my ear. “No! I don’t want my hair too short! ” I Jerked my head to the right side and screamed. “Stop moving or I will cut your ear! ” She yelled at me and centered my head back again.

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Due to the strict Asian parenting, rebellion would get me in trouble. So I kept quiet and had my arms crossed under the cape while she continued cutting away at my hair. I peered over as she put down the scissors and asked anxiously: “Can I see it? ” “Not yet. ” She replied and picked up an electric clipper, “It’s a little uneven in the back, but I’m goanna fix it. ” She titled my head down with force and started to shave around my ear towards my nape. I had a terrible feeling this was going to be a disaster but out of respect I didn’t say anything.

And my thought was confirmed when I saw my reflection in the mirror: I didn’t know what Audrey Hepburn pixie crop looks like but I looked like a boy wearing a coconut helmet. My bangs were more than an inch above my eyebrows! I reached up to feel the back of my head and I quivered at the feel of short thorny hair. “l look like a boy! I can’t go to school like this! ” I broke down into tears. “Bullwhip, Just wear a dress tomorrow,” mom’s face turned a little red and scolded at me, “Stop being ridiculous. ” I went to school the next day in a white dots red summer dress that my mom made me wear.

On my way to school, every step I took I felt extremely self unconscious. I kept my head down as I walked into the classroom and hoped no one was looking. But the stupid dress put me under the spot light and immediately all of my classmates broke out laughing. I overheard some guy from my class said why a boy is wearing a girl’s dress. I was so embarrassed and I wanted to disappear. I really hoped I didn’t wear that dress. The haircut was bad enough and dress made it worse! I don’t remember how did I get through the day, but all I remember was I didn’t wear any dresses for a long time after that and I never let my mom cut my hair again.

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Bad Hair Day Solutions Entertainment Speech
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