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Essay on “99 francs”

Frédéric Beigbeder – a modern French author, known primarily due to erratic subjects, provocative statements and nihilistic atmosphere in the works. Get acquainted with his work inspired me watching the movie of Jan Kunena “99 francs”, based on the eponymous best-selling novel of the Beigbeder. The film in its time produced a great impression on me, show me insane, and thus a thin, sharp, deep work.

The film is about a man named Octave Parang, holding the position of creatives in the advertising company a global, successful and very rich. The character’s tormented conscience, he is aware that business in the prosperity which he plays a role, enslaving people, destroys their lives, giving destructive illusion and eternal dissatisfaction with what they already have, to all who are able to some extent to buy the fact that this business is to purchase orders, and depriving the rest of the world the possibility to get out of poverty by supporting an insurmountable financial gap not only between different sectors of society, but also between developed and developing countries.

At the same time, this person is very lonely and lost and has a psyche, shattered by the constant use of drugs.

After watching this film, I wanted to know what kind of work inspired by Kunena to create this work.

It should be noted, that, although a comparison of the literary work and its film adaptation during analysis is considered to be unacceptable, in my case, without it is impossible.

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plot of the book, like, says the same thing.

Frederic Beigbeder 99 Francs

the first that began to irritate me in the work of Beigbeder, were full display th cynicism loud replica Octave. For example, we read on the first page: “I – advertiser. Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I foul the environment. “The first time I tried not to dwell on them his attention, and secretly expecting that the author is trying to show how superficial and immature his hero, but soon I had to make sure that Beigbeder I do not think so – he is full of self-satisfaction and pride for their “child.” He constantly seeks to show how the character is immoral and disgusting, and most importantly, how much it is in all of this is good and cool. If we take into account that the author of the work, said that the facts of the biography of Octave in many ways similar to his own, and that he, as a whole – its counterpart, it can be concluded that Beigbeder would like to see him like this. For an adult male is the desire and the surface, in fact, as something immature, or what? Therefore, as a writer, it quickly ceases to inspire confidence.

Octave flung damning remarks towards the advertising business irresponsible ease and nonchalance, even though he is not ready to give up the hated his job, just because he wants to be paid compensation. He does things that are likely to appear author spectacular, even though they look like a teenager actions, which wants more attention to the person, such as the fact that the hero, when he began to bleed from his nose, he wrote it on the walls of the toilet in office “pigs” (pigs). He is a character Beigbeder, pathetic and a liar. First of all, he’s lying to himself, because, no matter how he showed off in front of himself and to the reader, he really does not care about the fate of humanity in which the consummate it participates.

Octave Kunena like It would be similar to the Octave Beigbeder, but some of them seemingly minor details have been changed, and it creates an entirely different effect. None of this ridiculous posturing, no illusions and lies. But most importantly – changed the ending. In the film, after receiving a double ending, we see two possible ways of life of this man. In the first he was a drugged stupor with his friends in a car killed a lot of pedestrians, learns that the girl, whose life was ruined because of his cowardice and immaturity, committed suicide, and jumps from its own office roof, leaving the life, and not daring to change something, and left alone. The second is that everything that has happened only imagined it, and Octave if given a second chance. He fakes his own death and hacking by launches on major TV channels, instead of the recently finished shooting with him in his company’s advertising, a new version that has a shocking character and clearly the opposite of what was intended by the effect, thus giving a small but very significant kick hated it industry . As a result, Octave finds salvation and your happiness.

The book is nothing like that. There it ends very clearly for Octave. There, too, there is a point where they do terrible things under the influence of drugs, but it is not accidental passers-by murder. The book is much worse. In the midst of a fun evening Octave recalls that the company laid off thousands of employees in Europe in order to increase the income of pensioners in Miami, where they were at that time and were, and he comes up with the idea to pay a visit to one of these “wealthy villains” that would to explain to him what was happening, and so avenge millions of broken lives. As a result, they burst into the home of an elderly woman, abused her, and then a friend and colleague, Octave, when a woman is trying to shame them that her husband was killed during the Second World War, to protect them, the Europeans, in a fit of rage kills her. Beigbeder Octave tries to justify the fact that the murder was committed like no hands Octave. But it occurred to him the idea of ​​a terrible attack on a pensioner, and that as a result of a rush occurs irreparable. Moreover, after the commission of the offense the company breaks the security camera in the building, pelted her with stones, and carelessly returned to the club to have fun. There is no indication that Octave regretted what had happened, or even what happened was not part of his plans. And the more he will not be forgiven. If up to this point the reader’s sympathy to this person and can be lost, it is completely different with this episode. Octave is not just infantile smug wit – he’s a freak. A Beigbeder does not understand this. He goes on to regret it (and himself?), Continues to try to make the reader sympathize with his hero, and it is only confusion. As a result of the incident Octave and his friend go to prison for ten years. Octave is not afraid of prison, he was glad to get that punishment for all – although in his mind it is, of course, is not about the murder of the old woman. Although it’s more like a relief from the fact that the more he does not need to worry about what he has to redeem himself and fix something.

The only thing that got me to read the book to the end, there was a desire to learn than the end product Beigbeder. The most recent, there is described, a former employee of suicide Octave, and countless advertising slogans that pop up in his mind before his death. They have a claim on the existence of a hidden philosophical meaning, but I was finally introduced to a screeching halt. I swallowed about three hundred pages of text, and no point, no reply has not appeared. For what all this was written? Beigbeder is making smug attempt to expose the modern consumer society, although this is not necessary – all of us have long known all about it, and not one great writer talked about it long before him. In addition, it provokes every line, beaten and cheap, resorting to the most miserable reception to achieve the success that he currently has. There is nothing more I see it was not possible, though, to be honest, I tried very hard to do so.

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