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99 Francs Book Paper

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Essay on “99 francs”

What prevented me before purchasing just to dig in search of an electronic version of «99F» and not to spend money on a book? What prevented the author to distribute his novel in electronic form to all the cities and villages of the Internet instead of publishing it in the paper version, since he was so worried about “global warming»?

This is the “Diary” written by “invisible” to sing “Lullaby” advertising to the accompaniment of “Buster Casey” in “Fight club” for “99 francs».

The entire novel, in my opinion, is impregnated with the similarity of ideas, the characters’ behavior, build a dialogue, gimmicky repetition of statements, candid thoughts and scenes . I could not help thinking that I read a strange parody of Palahniuk. It’s like eating two apples in a row, all of a sudden realize that a second taste sour, but also an apple and a banana can not become.

99 Francs Book Essay Sample

99 Francs Book

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I recommend the book to those who are unaware of the extent of capturing people’s consumption and advertising . For me, nothing in this book was not new, but in the advertising business, I did not work a single day. Tricks and tricks that go on advertisers; “Slogans” and “credits”; many hours of work on one and the same word; huge fees for a couple of lines, and accompanying all these drugs, sex, and the notorious intake. All this, in my opinion, is well known to any more or less thinking person who realizes how much space the advertising matter in people’s lives. I would say that in this sense, the book of the advertising is not quite complete.

Or rather not complete. Yes, yes … is there a hint of globalization, tapping out problems of ecology, human greed, “Memento Mori” and so on. But about such issues is necessary to speak in other words, and stories, and simple conversation “with beer,” what is perceived novel, always floats on deaf ears.

“99 francs” Review “99 francs” Review “99 francs” Review

Beigbeder may be wanted to surprise the reader that, he believes, it is known only to him. But personally, I was not surprised to anything.

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