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Placed in Classrooms Paper

An on going query of whether surveillance cameras should be placed in school classrooms, all over the UK, is still being questioned on. If they were placed, classrooms would be surveyed on throughout the school days. If necessary, they could also be activated on weekends and even on school holidays (by a caretaker, for example). Many teachers and pupils have different views on them, and I will later discuss them further. Some are totally against the idea, some are entirely for it, and some aren’t sure. I personally think that there are many advantages and disadvantages for the use of surveillance cameras being placed in classrooms.

To begin with, therefore, I will mention and describe the advantages. There are many advantages in having surveillance cameras placed in classrooms. The main and most obvious reason is that all actions undertaken in a classroom can be recorded and viewed upon, as well sound. This means that misbehaving pupils committing unacceptable behaviour can be caught and punished. This could involve obscene language being recorded, as well pupils discussing incidents regarding vandalism, bullying, and other mischievous behaviour.

Camera’s live footage recordings would show and tell members of the school staff where something has happened/is going to happen, what exactly happened/is going to happen, who were involved/is going to be involved, and what was done/should be done about it. They can also give evidence to teachers who was responsible for a particular act, so it can be kept as proof to show the parents of the person responsible, for example, that it was definitely their son/daughter who was involved in the act/carried it out, and what they’d done.

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Their thoughts of teachers, for example, can also be captured. Now this point can be debatable, as the views of pupils on teachers is actually private, but as they are sharing their thoughts amongst others, it is really up to the members of school staff to decide upon whether they should be punished or not. If pupils knew or found out that they were being ‘watched by Big Brother’, they would usually, probably act different and behave better than they would without the cameras being placed.

This is very good, as it leads to better behaved classes, and therefore a more behaved school. It would cut down misbehaviour tremendously, as well as the rare crime incidents. Some pupils, after some time of the cameras being installed, may forget that there were cameras fixed in the classroom, so they may start to misbehave (e. g. Bully, vandalize, fight, steal, etc). This would bring out the true bullies, vandals, thieves, etc. Most of the incidents occur at break-times and sometimes in-between lessons, at the beginning and end of school.

They rarely occur in lessons in classes, whilst teachers are present, but there is a large number of ‘class-disruptors’, found in nearly every school, who repeatedly and constantly seem to disrupt and interrupt lessons where teachers are talking and teaching the rest of the class. These repetitive, attention-seeking disruptors can therefore be tracked down, and found out in which class rooms, and with which teachers, they tend to disrupt the lessons, and which they tend to interrupt/seek-attention the most.

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