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I believe a good teacher can stimulate and help to improve the minds and lives of countless students by sharing with them gift of knowledge and believing in them. Early childhood is an important period of life. Childhood is the time when growth is great and learning is rapid. During my school life, I had many teachers. But there are two teachers that impressed me the most. After I finished my middle school in Chicago, We moved to Los Angeles for my dad’s job.

I started going to high school at Los almitios, CA were I was introduced to my math teacher Mr. Shah & chemistry teacher Mr. Patel. I would like to talk about those two teachers here.

Mr. Shah is a Tall man with a deep quite voice walks in to the class room with piece of papers in his hand. Students knew that he will be giving us a small test based on last class, unlikely other teachers he won’t give us any grads in that test but what he does is he will ask questions based on that test, for instance he asked a question after the test “what is the formula of water” ? and all students shout out “H20”, with this Mr.

Shah can see if student has given right answers, if some students get it wrong they have not embarrassed themselves by individually raising their hand and announcing their mistake.

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But Mr. Shah knows that he needs to give them more attention. On other hand my math teacher, Mr Patel, soft speaking, young man walks thru the door in the class room then immediately starts writing series of questions on the black board. The question are based on what is going to be cover in that class , After finishing his writing ,he picks up someone randomly from the group of students and ask that questions. It does not require deep reading of the topic to answer those questions; one can easily answer those questions just by doing overview of the topic before that class, so by answering that question correctly student can build self confident and also it encourage others to read about the topic before the class.

Unlike other teachers in his the class room, Mr Shah’s teaching method is totally different. He won’t use his notes or book, instead he asks students to read it from the book and then he explains that on board so in that way student not only understand topic by listing but simultaneously reading that from book. That also creates excitement in student while reading among all other students and that also enhance reading skills of the students . Unlike Mr Shah during his class Mr Patel always do presentations using power point that makes topic not only interesting but also easy to understand. During class presentation he always uses some interesting pictures and videos which attract students so students can understand remember that topic easily.

Mr. Shah also does non traditional activity like going on field trip during quarter that gives an clear idea about subject and better understanding by putting live example infornt of students. For instance we visited discovery museum and science centre during class. The purpose of that trip was to take science learning out of class room and moves it in to real world. I was really impressed from this teacher.

His methods not only creates an excitements in class room but also make me study and try perform better and better in class among other classmates and finally lead me to good grades in chemistry. While in Maths class we do not have to write down final exam paper instead Mr Patel’s class required that student have to present that their work as a individual or part of team , In that class we did presentation of solving quadratic equation using mathematics software, that was really challenging and was also fun to work and learn with new software to solve maths problem that makes us to think about different available software in today’s world and choosing best for our application that gives us an idea about latest technologies and latest development the field.

Even though my both the teachers have totally different personalities and method to teach their students, I have no doubt to consider both of them to be an effective teachers even with different presentation, teaching methods, standards. They improved my life a lot, due to their inspiration today I am able to peruse my masters in analytical chemistry at California state university, los angels. With out doubt I can say that both are very effective teachers for me.

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