Evil Lord Farquaad in Shrek.

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In contrast to Shrek, Lord Farquaad is evil and sly. We know this because he tortured the gingerbread man by dipping him in milk and getting the truth out by threatening him by removing the buttons. This shows that he is cruel and ruthless. When he finds out that Princess Fiona is an ogre at sunset he treats her badly by calling her names and ordering his guards to lock her in the dungeons he. This clearly shows us that he never loved Princess Fiona but he only used her to become king of Duloc.

He is a two- faced crook who has features of an ogre instead of a Lord.

When a director is making a film it is important that he/ she uses different camera angles/ shots to create a variety of effects. There are 3 main types of angles or camera shots, high angle shot, mid- angle shot, low angle shots and close up shots. When Shrek tries to scare the story characters at the beginning of the film there is a close up shot of his mouth, this suggests that he is going to eat them up.

This gives a tense moment for the viewers. The darkness causes further unease and pressure. Close up shots are used to focus the viewers attention on something.

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They are often used to focus attention on character’s emotion. Close up shots are also used when Shrek and Fiona are smiling this gives an effect on the romance relationship between them. They took close up shots so that we can focus on their emotions and the way they move.

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This way we can focus on every smile and details on their faces. When lord Farquaad is introduced to Princess Fiona the camera focuses on his hands instead of his face. This is done to make Lord Farquaad look hostile and unsympathetic. When Shrek Lord Farquaad’ castle the camera moves from ground level to show his tower, this is a high angle shot.

It is useful because it makes Lord Farquaad seem dominant and wicked and Shrek and Donkey seem vulnerable and pathetic. High angle shots are used when a character is made to seem more helpless and human type. This is an important scene because in traditional fairytales this would be the other way round. The ogre would seem wicked and the donkey and Lord Farquaad would be helpless. I think that this is the most important angle used because this reverses the whole tradition. The effect of mid-angle shots is that they make the characters seem equal.

This is shown when Shrek is preparing a meal for Princess Fiona and when Shrek and Donkey are relaxing. Sometimes, a character’s back is shown rather than their face. This is used to suggest seclusion and isolation from other characters. For example when Princess Fiona leaves Shrek and goes inside she turns her back on him, this is to show that Princess Fiona is hiding something and isolates herself from him. Another example is when Shrek decides to end his relationship with Donkey, to show this he turns his back on Donkey and the relationship between them.

Setting another presentational device used to influence the viewer. Shrek swamp describes his character in a way. Although it looks like an ogre’s swamp; dirty and smelly it is still inviting and homely. This is the same with Shrek; he looks ugly and disgusting but in fact he is kind and fun to be with. The fact that other characters scheme into Shrek’s shows that as a character he is lively and wants to entertain people but he has always been rejected by the villagers so he has grown to be quite private and self-centered.

Lord Farquaad lives in a castle which is expected to be a calm, pleasant, comfortable, friendly and it’s supposed to have an air of majesty and splendor. But it is quite scary, threatening and cruel. Although Shrek looks and often acts like an ogre; when he is bathing in mud and when he brushes he teeth with mud. Lord Farquaad seems like a typical lord because he lives in a castle and dresses up majestically although his character does not suggest that.

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