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Kestrel For A Knave Quotes Paper

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This quote proves that Billy Casper is being bullied for the slightest thing- ‘Slack work’. Billy could have ended up with a bruise, graze, or a severe injury like a black eye. Of course, this depends on the power of the kick, which in my opinion was a hard kick. It’s no different to Solomon Morris: I turn to go. The ball hits me with full force on the face. I stumble. He comes across. “Sorry sol, it was an accident. ” I see him through as blur. My head is thumping I wipe my face in my sleeve, and taste salty tears. I have to get away. ‘ The same again! Bullied by the cruel teacher!

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It’s not his fault he’s uncoordinated. All the class knows that, but then why doesn’t Watkins support him? This shows that Billy and Solomon are physically abused, but it doesn’t stop there; they’re also verbally abused: ‘ “Casper! Casper, get down lad! That do you think you are, an ape? ” “No sir, I’m just keeping warm. ” “Well get down then, before I come and make you red hot! ” ‘God help up; fifteen years old and still doesn’t know the positions of a football team. ‘ The two quotes above show that Billy is being verbally abused and proves that Sugden thinks he’s too thick for his age.

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It’s quite an insult actually. The second quote shows that Sugden is picking on Billy while Billy’s struggling to keep warm. Again with Solomon, he is being verbally abused: ‘What are you going to do? Go crying home to mummy? ‘ This takes place at the same time as the physical, so for poor Solomon it’s two for one. With the verbal abuse, the teachers both have a sarcastic attitude, and act like they have no care in the world. There are very powerful words used to describe the teachers and the way they communicate: ‘Sneers’ ‘Red hot’ (threat), etc.

Kestrel For A Knave Quotes

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