The following example essay on “Gothic Barock” is about a type of sacred and secular architecture common during the mature and late Middle Ages from the end of the 12th to the beginning of the 16th century.

Due to the different timeperiods this styles where developed, they give a totally different impression to the viewer. In the time when the gothic style was developed, the whole of europe was dominated by the ideas and influence of the church. So most of the gothic buildings are churches, or cathedrals.

The cathedrals had outsatnding hights and often dominated the whole skyline of a city which was also a sign of the power that the church had. Especially the early- and middle-Gothic buildings where build of big grey stones blocks which made them appear dark and mystik In the late gothic the architects became more advanced in the use of decorations and glasswindows, which made the buildings appear a bit more friendly.

The Barock style of architecture started it s dvelopment in the 16th century. The only ones which could really afford this kind of architecture where certain rich families, the church and the monarchs. The style of Barock architecture always appears a bit exagerrated. The Barock style of architecture is also much more advanced and developed then the Gothic style of architecture The Barock stlye consits of much more movements and motion. While the Gothic has it s special “heavy-dark” appearance, the Brock style looks much lighter and full of shapes and variety.

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Inside the buildings it is pretty much the same contrast. While the Gothic buidings were kept more basic inside. The first thing you normally recognize when you enter a gothic building, is the hight of the sealing. The inside s are decorated with woodwork and paintings which where hanging at the wall. The whole impression is more pure and basic but still facinating. The Barock buildings where filled with wallpaintings, stucco and other decoratinons. Parts of the walls and doors where often painted with patterns and shapes, most often this was done with gold colour. The Barock buildings even look too much deorated and too exagerrated. They seem to drown in colours and shapes.

In general we always have to keep in mind that these styles of architecture developed under totally different circumstances. Both styles were strongly an expression of superiorty, domination and power of the rich, the monarchs and the church. Both styles where enourmous achievements for their time, and even if the Gothic lookes more plain and simple to us, it must have been an a totally new dimension for the people at that time. I think that the Barock style of architecture is really a bit too exagerrated. I think it just looks “too much”.

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