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8.3 Greek mythology and literature

The Greeks created myths to explain the world.
Why did Greeks create myths?

Ancient Greek literature provides some of the world’s greatest poems and stories.
What does ancient literature provide?

Greek literature lives on and influences our world even today.
Does Greek literature live on and influences world even today?

Body of stories about gods or heroes that tries to explain how the world works.

Author of two great epic poems, the Iliad and the odyssey.

Most famous lyrical poet of Ancient Greece.

Author of the world’s most famous set of fables

Short stories that offer lessons on living

We often use the word myth as a synonym for lie or untruth. Do you believe this is correct? Explain your answer.
Yes I do believe this is correct because it is what i am used to people calling untruth for example on YouTube.

According to Greek mythology, which seasons did Demeter get her daughter back?
Demeter got her daughter back in spring and summer.

If homer did not exist, how do you think the Iliad and the odyssey were composed?
I’m could have been someone else that composed Iliad and odyssey.

What is lyric poetry?
Lyric poetry is basically a song.

The Greek word for people is demos. What polictical system is known in English by a word derived from demos?
The word demons was derived from the ancient word demos.

What is the modern expression that refers to a persons weak spot and is based on a figure from Greek mythology.

What was one way that Greek writers taught people important lessons about life?

How did the ancient Greeks explain weather seasons and natural disasters?

What are two great epic poems of early Greece, and who wrote them?
Homer, and Sappho.

What famous Greek hero fought monsters and killed the nine headed hydra?

What is mythology?
Mythology is a body of stories about gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works.

Why did ancient Greeks create myths?
They created myths to explain the gods actions.

What are homers most famous works?
His most famous works are Iliad and odyssey.

How are fables different from myths?
Fables are short stories that teach the reader lessons about life or give advice on how to live and a myth is something that is trying to explain how the world works.

In what areas have greek myths influenced our culture?
Not all greek myths were about gods some are about great heroes, and some of these heroes were real people.

Why do you think mythological references are popular with sports teams and businesses today?
Some teams might have an inspiration for one or more if the heroes and name their team after it.

Why do you think Greek literature has been so influential throughout history?
Some heroes weren’t just myths some were real people that influenced our society today.

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