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7th Grade 4th Exam

Who is the author of An American Childhood?
Annie Dillard
Who is the author of An Hour with Abuelo?
Judith Ortiz Cofer
Who is the author of The White Umbrella?
Gish Jen
Who is the author of The Golden Kite, Silver Wind?
Ray Bradbury
Who is the author of A Defenseless Creature?
Neil Simon
What was your impression of the solution for the two town’s rivalry?
It was getting intense.
Why are both towns surrounded by walls?
To keep out the intruders and to show the boundries of the town.
Why do the towns keep rebuilding these walls?
To show their dominate power over the other.
How was the town’s rivalry resolved?
The Mandarin became a Golden Kite and Kwan Si became Silver Wind.
Why do you think Mandarin was willing to listen to his daughter’s advice?
She was helpful and wise and he had no ideas.
Why do you think none of the characters in this story have a name?
Because they all are ruled by evil seekers so they don’t have names.
What were your feelings about the characters at the end of the play?
They were so hostile
What is the matter with Kistonov’s foot?
He has gout.
What does Mrs. Schukin do when she jumps on Kistunov’s desk?
Kisses his foot.
What does Mrs. Schukin ask for when she leaves?
She wanted 24 rubles, 30 Kopecks, and a letter of recommendation.
an attendant who performs nonmedical tasks in a hospital or similar institution
a paperlike writing material made from the skins of sheep or goats
able to be heard
to guide or direct through a series of movements
When has Arturo visited his grandfather in the past?
What were Arturo’s two ambitions?
teaching and writing
What does Abuelo say with a wicked smile to Arturo at the visit?
Look at your watch your time is over.
How does Arturo’s understanding of his grandfather change during his visit?
Arturo find a nursing home depressing and is more interested in reading to the english class he wants to get into.
What do the sisters promise not to tell at the beginning of the story?
They promised not to tell that their mother had a job.
What does the narrator do with the white umbrella at the end of the story?
Throws it down the sewer.
What does the umbrella mean to the narrator?
It represents a way to fit in and become American.
having a shape of a round ball
more than what is necessary
WHy did the man chase Dillard and her friends?
They threw snowballs at his cheap car’s windshield.
What was the man like?
He was skinny, furious, red hair, and determined.
What happened when he caught up to them?
He yelled and scolded them.
Why do you think Dillard chose to write about her childhood memory?
It was the best moments of her boring life.
to put out, to extinguish
to reject or turn down scornfully
a formal request
to hold or grip tightly

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